Friday, April 11, 2014

Our Big Day (Wedding Banquet)

We had our wedding banquet at Qian Xi, Farrer Park. We did so for the good food (the portions are really good too!) and so that we would not run the risk of going into debts unlike if we were to hold our wedding banquet in a grand hotel ballroom.

Even though the place was simpler than what one would get in a dreamy hotel ballroom, we were blessed to be able to doll up the place with loads and loads of beautiful balloons from One Party Store. Do check out more about the decorations we had here

After we had settled down at Hotel Rendevous, we got our much needed rest and I had my makeup and hair done by the bridal studio's MUA while Vivian did an awesome job dolling up my mum and sister.

Mummy was gorgeous. 

So were my sisters! They were awesome help for our big day too.

The place was done up by One Party Store and that seriously took one whole worry off my mind especially since many small stuff screwed up on the wedding day.

This post is kinda long... please click on to read more! 

We 'recycled' our Candy Bar from the day for the night as we had a lot of candies left! 

Here's hubby with pa and ma.

And sharon and pei jun who made a trip down to say hi! (: 

We then had my family's tea ceremony in the restaurant just before the banquet. Ah ma was delight and on cloud 9. After all, I'm the first grandchild to get married.

And my parents.... needless to say, they were THRILLED.

They responded so well to the hubby call them 'father' and 'mother'. 

They blessed me with more stuff. 

And we served tea to my elders too.

The kids had LOADS of fun with the balloons.

Here's us with MJJ, Shayna and Esther. 

And well.. what's a wedding without some fun? 

And a little more!

Us with our best man, Eugene.

Our lovely wedding venue.

We then did our first march in before the banquet started.  

And we enjoyed the express morning highlights video from our awesome videographer. 

And it was time for the second march in, toast and all. 

I was MADLY in love with my blue evening gown. But the bridal studio I borrowed the gown from SUCKS. Never ever go for Seletar Bridal Studio. And that I will talk about in another post. The number of problems we had with them made the wedding planning rather troubled.

Anyway, we were happy people.

We didn't get to eat much as we were often in the room doing our clothing change/make up. 

We then went from table to table to do our table shots.
We are truly thankful for all our friends and loved ones who took the time off to celebrate our union with us.

Thankfully, the food was really good and the company was awesome.

We enjoyed ourselves and hopefully our guests did too. 

Here's a shot with our favourite girls! (:

Truly, the entire day was mad busy. Many things cropped up too. Everything was rather disorganised as we had to change our wedding coordinator 2 weeks prior to the wedding as she really wasn't very helpful even though she was the one who offered her help to us. It was a painful decision changing her but we had to. Well, at least I HAD to. Lucky for us, our brother Clar stood up to the challenge and took over as our wedding coordinator. However, it was just really really tough for him to run the show even though he has been with us through the entire wedding planning. So at the end of the day, many minor items screwed up. Even after the event has ended, we realised that many things did go wrong. 

In addition, we had 2 friends help us with photography... they were each tasked with a specific job and we didn't pay them much. It was more of like a friend asking another for favour. In any case, 1 of them failed to shoot things that we asked of him to shoot. At the end of the day, we FAILED to capture many shots that I needed and wanted. I was truly disappointed. Sometimes, I believe that what is said by many is true.. that it is better to engage professionals than to depend on friends for an important day as such. 

1) they get to enjoy your big day too
2) you can't berate your friends and you can only let the matter pass you by no matter how screwed up it was

Even though we met with many issues, I'm just thankful that we made it through. It was indeed tough getting the whole thing planned and executed. We're truly thankful for all the help that we've had along the way. 

After the entire day, we headed back to Hotel Rendezvous to rest. Even though we had a long day, we were not the least bit tired! We ordered and had one of the best room services while we counted our blessings which came in the form of red packets. We only slept at 4am... we woke up at 8am the following morning and we did the best thing we could have ever done. We went to church. We also gave our biggest tithe ever, which was SUPER AMAZING. 

With the blessings we had from the wedding, we were blessed with enough money to head to Tokyo, Japan for our honeymoon. We had initially planned for Bangkok and we had everything purchased and planned. However, the riots worsened nearer to our date and travel and we were really uneasy heading there. Moreover, we travelled during Chinese New Year so many neighbouring countries were out of the question. Thankfully, we took the leap of faith and headed to Tokyo for our Honeymoon... and that.. I will talk about in due course! (: 


  1. Hi Cynthia!

    May I ask how many weeks or months in advance can you book your food tasting at Qian Xi?

    1. Hello..

      For food tasting I think it's good to do it two to three months prior to your big day.

    2. Hello..

      For food tasting I think it's good to do it two to three months prior to your big day.


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