Friday, April 11, 2014

Our Big Day (Holy Matrimony)

The most significant part of our big day was the Holy Matrimony. Coming from City Harvest, we didn't have many venue options. Of course, I did want my wedding to be in a beautiful setting as opposed to a hall/room. After all, it's just a one time affair. We were very blessed to be able to rent Charis Methodist Church for our big day. It's just everything I wanted in a package. Dreamy and all... it was like a dream come true. 

After our gatecrashing in the morning, we rushed to the hubby's place and then to church. We were blessed to have such a lovely venue to share our precious moment with our guests. 

We had a lovely candy bar filled with goodies for our guests. Our theme was Carnival... but me being me, I was once again all over the place so we ended up having a little of what I like all about weddings >.<

Our brothers even made a box game for our guests to have a try at home many kids we would have!

This entry is really long... please click on to read more! (: 

And here's our reception booth. With the most adorable ang bao box sponsored by IM-perfection! Check out their range of lovely products in this blog post

This was the photo table we had upstairs. Lovely lighting from the stained glass (: We had artificial flower petals for decor and also for tossing in the sanctuary when we marched out as Mr and Mrs. Check out DIY Warehouse for lovely flower petals! They also have many other lovely DIY items...

Our lovely photographer Darrell with Zhiyang! If you fancy the photos he took for us, you can contact him here! He did us an awesome favour as a friend by shooting for us with no complains. The same went to many other friends and helpers from our cell groups that helped us. 


Oh yes, and the venue was already so amazing so we didn't have to do much decorating to it.. We were blessed with very beautiful flowers from Mirage Flowers. The entire sanctuary's blooms were taken care of... leaving me the freedom to be thinking of other stuff. Check out their range of products and services here! (: 

Our brothers acting all cool.

Beautiful Sarah and darling Shaylene!!!

My girls (:

The bros.

Loved ones...

Aren't my blooms lovely? (: 

The official document...

The hubby and family while waiting for me to march in. 

Our page boy Joash and flower girl Shayna! They're so experienced having walked down the aisle THRICE together since they were babies.. And they're only 5 this year! The walked together down the aisle once when there were merely 1.. once then they were 3... and once when they're 5 for the hubby and my wedding! 

Love this photo!

The March-in with our brothers and sisters.

Last but not least, my daddy and I. 

Beaming with joy.

We were very blessed to have Pastor Zhuang solemnise us. After all, it carries great significance for us as PZ water baptised the both of us. 

Our musician friends..

What better way to start our lives together than to worship God? (:

And I say "I do".

Reciting our vows. We were so bogged down by all the last minute drama that we did not memorise our vows completely in time for the wedding. I read mine off a slip of paper while the hubby tried his best to recite from his memory. Thankfully, PZ helped me with my second vow cos my paper was removed from my hand! >.<

Our first kiss as Mr and Mrs Chu! 

The signing of the marriage certificate.

The Holy Communion. 

Lighting of the Unity Candles, symbolising the end of individual lives but instead, a life together as one.

Blessings from our parents.

And there we had it... Mr and Mrs Chu! (: 

During our appreciation speech, his parents cried. (: A rather emotional day I would say..

A family shot.

My paternal family.

Our beloved PZ.

Our beloved family friends!

My AMKMC family! My 'niang jia' or so my boss Joseph says!

Cindy and Wei Ren.

My school mates from all over. 

The hubby's colleagues.

Hubby's friends.

My colleagues.

Awesome ex-colleagues from BC and my mentor from SJIJ.

My awesome NP pals.

Our cell group(s)!

Of course...

Cheeky shots!

This is LOVE.

Our photographer Darrell!

Our best man, Eugene. 

We then had a lunch reception with great tasting food.

Here's the hubby feeding me! 

Tossing the bouquet! 

We kinda rigged the game and made my dear Simin catch the bouquet so that she and Clar could tie the knot soon! (: 

They make a lovely couple don't they? SIMIN, DON'T WAIT ALREADY!!

Anyway, we mingled around with our guests, took loads of photobooth photographs before we headed to the hotel to rest and get ready for the banquet at night. We were very blessed to get a free upgrade at Hotel Rendezvous. Indeed, their service is IMPECCABLE. I was pretty much blown away. 

So... till then... I'll talk more about our Wedding Banquet next! (: 

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