Friday, April 11, 2014

Our Big Day (Gatecrashing)

I know this post is way overdue. We got married in January on the 11th but I've only managed to find the time to write this post now. It's been an amazing 3 months so far. I can't deny that there have been ups and downs.. but I'm glad I've found my better half in Mr Chu. 

In any case, we had so much to do rushing for the big day. We had about 14 months to plan for it.. and having decided to 'crash' all 3 'events' (fetch the bride, church wedding and wedding banquet) in one day had us mad busy. But we were blessed too.

We had the blessings and love from our friends and loved ones who helped us selflessly, making our big day a success even though there were many hiccups, 2 of which still has me mad till this very day. In any case, let me share with you the delights of our big day! 

As my parents' place was really messy, I didn't wanna be fetched from home. Thankfully, Yang and Reuben allowed us to 'borrow' their beautiful home for our big day! I was to spend the night before at yang's but so many things cropped up and screwed up the night before that I just slept at the hubby's and headed to her place in the morning. Before I had my makeup done, my parents and billy's parents did the ‘上头' for us... we had our hair combed and words of blessings were uttered by our parents. After which, Helen, my MUA, got to yang's place to have my makeup done.

My sisters arrived early too to set up the place and prepare goodies for the guys.

Evil plans ahead..

I really pity my groomsmen! My intention was for each element to be served individually in the most humane way possible.. but it all got 'jumbled' up. By the way, in our local context, it's often so that the men (groom + groomsmen) has to be subjected to some form of torture, battle the 'sour, sweet, bitter and spicy' test... before the sisters would allow them to fetch the bride. 

My gown (:

I really loved the roses to my wedding gown.

This entry is really long.. please click on to read more! (: 

Yang also did up my mum's makeup for the morning...

Helen putting on the hair accessories I got for the big day!

All dressed up! 

My parents then veiled me.

I'm truly blessed.

At 7 ish, Mr Chu arrived together with our band of brothers. I sewed the bowties and had Aunty Justine attach the velcro for me! (: 

I sat patiently in the room to wait while my groom and the groomsmen to be 'tortured'. 

Bringing with him a plate of blessings..

The poor brothers had to consume that plate of '4 elements' within a minute.

Look at Mr Chu? He's allergic to chilli and since the sisters had chilli included in the mixture, he was SPARED from having to eat it!!!! *lucky chap!*

Poor Clarence!

After which, Mr Chu had to sing for me... I was into Frozen then and when I was stressed during the planning of our big day, I was singing all the songs from the show on repeat! Needless to say, he had to sing 'do you wanna build a snowman' before he was allowed entry! *chuckles*

It wasn't cute enough but heck it. He sang it! LOL.

My suave hubby >.<

They made him guess which room I was in.. he was wrong! LOL. 

He finally got in.

Kissing his bride!

My parents prepped glut rice balls for us...

And he just had to be this animated (like always) when I was feeding him.

Our beloved band of brothers and sisters!

Not forgetting our family.

We prepped to leave for his place.

That's the fan which I tossed out of the car.. 

Heading off!

Another fun shot with our brothers and sisters!

My dad sheltered me to the car with the beautiful lace fan. It's one of those Chinese traditions for the wedding that we followed. By the way, that was taken care of by The Chinese Wedding Shop! Do check out my blog post for our 过大礼 that was taken care of by these experts. After my dad sheltered me into the car, I tossed the fan for my mum to pick up.

We soon arrived at his place, which is where I'm residing now.

Oh yes, our wedding car was lovingly loaned to us by our dear friend Aaron, whose dad was generous enough to lend us the car for Aaron to drive us for our big day. Of course, we had many other awesome helpers who drove all of us around for the day.

Our cheeky brothers! 

Arriving at the hubby's. Popo flew in from Hong Kong for our wedding. By the way, the hubby and his family are from Hong Kong!

Ma also prepped glut rice balls for us (:

Enjoying the good food!

Offering tea to our ancestors.

Tea for popo.

And of course, tea for pa and ma. 

We were then blessed with loads of gold jewellery for our marriage.


The band of beautiful ladies who have been taking such good care of us. Aunty Irene also specially flew in from Hong Kong for us!

Never knew our bedroom could look so good. 

Family shot!

A shot with Aunty Justine and family.

A shot with Aunty Rebecca who loves us dearly!

A shot with Aunty Irene!

A shot with Aunty Stella.

Another cheeky shot!

On our way to church with my beloved MOH, Esther!

Next up... more on our church wedding! (: 

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