Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The BMD Shop - the perfect place for pretty (bridesmaid) dresses!

Selection of bridesmaid dresses has always been a chore for brides. I was no exception. I had issues finding dresses I thought could fit ALL my bridesmaids and flatter them all. Boy was I wrong! More often than not, bridesmaids come in all shapes and sizes.. unless of course, you pick bridesmaids that are all of the same size. But not everyone is made the same. 

The BMD shop is the solution for all brides... bridesmaids.. and even for people who like pretty dresses like me! I purchased my bridesmaid dresses in a huff as I was vexed with the coordination and all that arose from deciding on THE bridesmaid dress that would fit all. It was only after my purchase did I chance upon The BMD shop. They have a beautiful range of dresses that fits small sizes all the way up to larger sizes that you don't usually find in stores. 

One thing I do when I shop is for MILEAGE. I wouldn't wanna pay for something I may never ever put on again. Well, they've got dresses that are pretty enough for a girly day out or even for events! I got one for my second pre-wedding shoot! 

Let me share a few of my favourite dresses from their selection!

Almost everyone loves a beautiful convertible dress! 

They even have it in my favourite electric blue!

Beautiful in chiffon...

A dress with contrasting colours that flatters...

Oh I love pretty colours!

Something adorably quirky!

Not everyone loves bright colours...

Not forgetting the beautiful dress I got for my pre-wedding shoot 2. I had mine in lovely purple!

They even have a toga version of it...

And even something for the conservative dresser.

Aren't the dresses lovely? And the best part of them all? The dresses are all affordable priced under $50! The dresses are actually pretty enough for me to wanna put them on on a regular basis when I want a perk-me-up!

Let me share some photos of me in the lovely dress! (:

Pretty clothes just makes me happy. And they make photos pretty too!
So hesistate no more, check out The BMD shop at http://thebmdshop.com!
Also, check out their facebook page and like them to be updated of new collections that are launched from time to time! 

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