Friday, May 2, 2014

Draft 2 drawings... and we're collecting our keys soon!

It's been 1+ week since we've gotten our 2nd draft for 3D.. I've been really busy with preparing my kids for examinations. All 25 of them. So much so that I haven't really even taken a closer look at our 3D drawings that Lionel and Richie sent to us. 

Now that we've got a better idea of what we want, we're on lesser of a wild goose chase. Let me share the images with you! 

I thought our kitchen was too bright with all the orange.. we decided to tone it down a little with a little more black.. However, looking at it, it looks really really dark. It doesn't help that we have the service yard to 'block' the sunlight from the back... I'm still playing around with the colours for the kitchen I suppose.. But I'm really happy with the maximised space Lionel and Richie have managed to play around with... 

The hubby was really inspired by the white/black/wood frame look. What Lionel and Richie came up with actually looks really good to me. I wonder what the hubby thinks though... 

And I always believe that things hidden in cupboards are more often than not messy. I decided to have more open shelves both on the left and on the right.. and I'm pretty sure I will have enough toys and books to place on display! 

For the toilet, we wanted it to match the rest of the house so the guys did something simple in white and black for us.. 

The entire process now is kinda slow as we're waiting to collect the keys to our unit... 
And it is super surreal cos' in a couple of day's time, we're FINALLY collecting the keys to our unit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just last Sunday, I made the hubby sneak into the block with me. As I stood outside our unit, I was flooded with emotions. Maybe I'm just really blessed. Maybe I'm just truly grateful that our unit is almost ours... and it's a place we can call our own. 

6 May quick come, I can't wait to collect the keys to our unit! (: 


  1. Hi Cythia, for your kitchen - I like draft 1, living room - I prefer draft 2, the hallway - I prefer draft 2 and toilet definately draft 2.

    Priscilla Poh

  2. Hello Cynthia

    Shahirah here and Im from 522A :)

    our kitchen very small hor? even tho my unit is a 4 room one, i still find it small and square. i am so used to my parents' kitchen :( u like orange colour for your kitchen? i suggested orange to my fiance and he found it loud so i googled for White and Orange kitchen and i was not disappointed. the white cabinets with orange backsplash(?) or walls compliment each other well and can make our kitchen look bigger. im trying to incorporate white in everything just so my hse look big hahaha! desperate case already :P

  3. Hello Shahirah,

    yeah it's tiny! yeah it's loud.. but white and orange is tougher to maintain... (: so im doing a mixture.. will be posting images soon!


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