Saturday, June 7, 2014

Day 1 in Hong Kong: meeting family!

I love my vacations. We're merry in Hong Kong, enjoying our holidays. 

I had day two of my first aid course, passed it and headed off on Friday night with the fil and hubby. We took the Cathay flight at 1.20am.

I love purchasing new reads to enjoy on my trips!

I also brought my darling Scrumpy on this trip with me! 

The snack on board was really disappointing. I expected more even thought it was a late night flight. 

Nevertheless, we reached Hong Kong safely at 5 am in the morning. 

This was my breakfast! The kiwi juice was really interesting. They even had durian juice and even mango sago pomelo juice. 

We then headed to yipo's place to rest for the morning. And the joys of meeting family. The boys had so much fun! 

After a lunch of dimsum, we headed to get a phone card to get data plan. SGD $15 for 8 days of data unlimited is pretty decent! 

We then went to one of the larger toy stores in town, Wonderland. 

I really love this adorable pot but it'd put my kitchen so off balance. 

Of course, the gundams are cheaper than what we have back home, though it's not as cheap as what we had in Japan. The hubby had his fun buying even more gundams. 

We had loads of fun with little meimei too. 

We then headed back to popo's and she cooked dinner for us. The few of us then went to Mcdonalds after dinner to get my toys. So yes, I have another set of dolls. 

Surpisingly, the McCafe has macarons and even Lamingtons on sale! The macs were surprisingly good. 

I really love the round kitty. A pity I have to get a set in order to get this. 

So that pretty much concludes my day 1. More of our trip coming in time! 

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