Monday, June 9, 2014

Days 2 & 3 in Hong Kong: cookbook shopping and food!

Yesterday, it was the start of meeting more friends and family. 

We headed off in the late morning to meet my fil's ex colleagues. 

I found this really fat 888ml bottle of coke! They sure have a huge variety of bottles/cans for their cokes here in Hong Kong!

We went to OZO Wesley Hong Kong hotel for dim sum buffet. It was a good spread even though limited in variety. The food was good and it was merely sgd $17+ per pax for a hotel restaurant's buffet! Pretty worthwhile I must say! 

In case you're interested, it's near Admiralty MTR. 

We had this insignificant looking jelly but it was really good. Yuzu pomelo jelly. We had a fair bit of it so that I could get a good taste of it and replicate it back home!

We then went shopping. The hubby and I couldn't resist grabbing a few more of the McDonald's macarons. It's seriously good stuff. Pretty feet, smooth top, nippeless. Just what we need in a good macarons. And it tastes great too. 

We then had the luxury of my fil's friends taking us (namely me) book shopping! 

We went to two bookshops. Joint publishing and Cosmo books. I really love the bookshops here. Their Chinese department has a greater variety than what we have back home though the prices are pretty much on par or a little cheaper. I got 6 new cookbooks! 

After a fair bit of shopping, we stopped by yet another Char Chan Teng for tea.

Only in Hong Kong would we find such delicious braised goodies boiling for hours. 

While we were travelling, I chanced upon this tree. It sure is determined to grow! 

We even took one of these tram buses. Oh yes, as my mil knows the place inside out, we have the luxury of taking buses everywhere we go (: allowing us to travel to places without MTRs nearby. 

After loads of shopping, we went back to Siu Sai Wan where we stayed with popo to have dinner and shop more. As usual, the hubby, bit and I headed for the arcade. 

There's just this thrill in winning tickets! We won 1200+ tickets last night!  We kept it to collect more over the next 2 weeks. 

It then rained really heavily.  And like really really heavily. It rained from 8pm all the way to 6+am the next morning. Insane thunderstorm I must say. 

The mil and I went for breakfast at yet another Chart Chan Teng since the guys don't take breakfast. We then went shopping together at Japan Home (really fun!) and the supermarket. I found many interesting stuff! Like this egg pudding! 

They even have a great variety of jelly premixes and loads more instant noodle variety than we do. I foresee myself buying a decent amount of food home! 

For lunch, we met Aunty Irene at Hong Lin Char Chan Teng. Again, we were spoilt for choices. There's really too many varieties of food in each Char Chan Teng! 

I had this lamb and it was good. 

Not forgetting the polo bun that's a signature snack of Hong Kong. 

We then went strolling and even spotted this old school ice cream truck! 

We then went to Whampoa, which is like the Orchard Road of Hong Kong to shop at AEON.  I was pretty surprised by the variety of soup veggie packs they have in the supermarket! Really convenient! Something I wish our local supermarkets offer. 

We then had dessert at Häagen-Dazs and this interesting champagne bottle ice cream cake caught my attention. Really innovative idea! Speaking of which, they have so many varieties of cakes here and the designs are so much prettier than what we have back home. I'm trying to draw inspiration as I go. 

As the fil and mil went for their date to enjoy The Grasshoppers concert, we headed to yipo's place and met her along with other family members to have dinner. 

We ate at a Chart Chan Teng and had the most amazing deep fried sesame chicken. The chicken was so soft, tender and fragrant. It made me wonder what we've been eating all along. 

As the day comes to a close, I'm really thankful for this trip. This getaway from work and all. And merely be a comfortable follower, heading the directions and appointments set by the mil and hubby. I'm sure blessed (: 

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