Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Defects rectified!

Finally, after close to a month, the defects in our unit are FINALLY rectified. The floor is more even (though I dare not imagine what it'd be like when they do chemical washing) or even in time to come. I just can't wait for our renovation to start real soon!

Now, our walls are even.
Our skirting is properly grouted. 
Our window in MBR still not fixed (but nothing can be done according to them).
Our floors are more or less even.

I can't wait for reno to start! 

Anyway, this week has been our work week and meetings were planned. Without lessons, my evenings are freed up so I made a batch of Oreo Cheesecakes on Monday night! (: 

On Tuesday afternoon, there was a power shut down in school so we had a rare afternoon off! Xiao Ping and I made a dash to catch Maleficent. Boy was it awesome! I probably love it enough to want to watch it again.. and maybe again.. and again! 

After the show, I even had the change to get a trim! I'm almost all prepped for my HK trip this weekend! 

This morning, I woke up feeling horrible all over. I've been ill since 3 weeks ago but I've never fully recovered. I took medical leave and slept like no body's business. I only woke up to have lunch.. and I cooked my favourite comfort food! 

I need to get well. I want to get well. I can't wait to complete my course of anti-biotics and clear the germs in my body. I am totally looking forward to my HK trip this Friday night/Saturday morning! (:


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