Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Day 4 in Hong Kong: of shopping at Mega Box and loads of food!

Today has been a happy day. Last night, we split over at yipo's place and it was more comfortable as compared to sleeping at popo's. My back sure was happier! 

Having been brought up to take breakfast and that my days start real early requiring me to take 1, if not 2 breakfasts to last the day, breakfast is an essential part of my day. However, the hubby doesn't take breakfast. So sometimes he forget to feed me. And sometime our lunch appointments are at too weird a time to have breakfast. This morning, he wanted to take me to breakfast but yipo beat him to it. She got us breakfast (: the egg tart she got us was amazing. And so was the bread. 

We had dimsum for lunch (again!). Every lunch in Hong Kong is dimsum. It's just their tradition (: else, it'd be food from their Char Chan Tong. During meals, we'd often use tea to wash our bowls, chopsticks etc., just like how we do so in the Hokkien Restaurants my family and I like to patronise. 

I had geese noodles. 

And what's Hong Kong without a good roasted pork? It's so good I could bring myself to eat the fats when I don't usually do so. 

We had dessert with our mains too. This is something I'm trying to recreate (:

We had a really good spread. 

This restaurant serves good dimsum and also seafood. Check out the array!

This restaurant brings back many memories. I remember my last trip here 2 years back. I jumped back a few steps when I saw these giant fishes. They really freaked me out. I was kinda trembling when I took this photo! 

We then headed to MegaBox. There are 16 stories of shops, excluding 2 levels of car park! That's an insane number of shops. There's even a shuttle bus from Kowloon Bay MTR to this mall. 

There's even an IKEA here!

The hubby spoilt me and allowed me to purchase another 2 cookbooks from Popular. I was delighted to be able to use my Singapore popular card to enjoy my 10% discount!  

I also bought 3 dresses from H&M which is slightly cheaper as compared to the prices we pay back home. 

For dinner, we headed to meet Aunty Irene to celebrate my bil's birthday. She took us to a restaurant near to where the airport used to be. 

We had a feast for 8 pax, totalling up to about sgd$350. We had tons and tons of fresh seafood and even had free flow beer. 

My first try at mini prawns which had really soft shells! 

My first try at Geoduck sashimi. 

Roasted pigeon, my mil's favourite (:

Everyone at the table loved the cheese lobster. There was even noodles at the bottom of that cheesy goodness! 

Fresh abalone!  

Some really succulent shelled seafood. 


Fresh fish! 

We even had 2 dishes of veg, a large plate of fried rice, slices oranges and Thai dessert to complement the meal! The beer for the meal was even free flow! Orange juice and sugarcane water was also free flow! 

Pretty amazing food for the price that we paid. 

Hubby and I at dinner! (:

Outside the restaurant were tanks of fresh seafood! 

This is the restaurant. 

Time sure flies.. it's already the 4th day here. I'm excited for the days ahead! The hubby is likely taking me to Disneyland (yay!!!) and I've yet to explore my baking shops. This is just getting fun! 

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