Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Day 15 & 16: Trying out the faux brick wall and window for service yard is up

On Monday, I was determined to try getting the faux brick wall up.. or at least part of it. 

This is what my friend managed to DIY.. he was kind enough to sell us his leftover bricks. 

Well, let's just say we TRIED. The glue recommended by the lady at Home-Fix just didn't bond in time! We held the first brick for idk how long... It did stick eventually... but the second one didn't bond, even after 12+ minutes of holding it in place... ): 

We left really upset.. or rather, I was really upset. I was advised by the uncle at the hardware store to buy a bag of his white cement and mix it with some water into a paste and stick it to the wall. 

After school on Tuesday, I made my way down to our new place filled with hope. Plenty of hope. But I was sceptical.. so I tried it out on the cardboard box. It stuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

However, it came off with a light tap. 

I'm pretty certain it came off as the 'wall' was too smooth...  

My friends had no issue with the cement that he also recommended me.. Thing is.. it's in Jalan Besar and the shop's name he gave me doesn't sell it! I'm just hoping my IDs can help us get someone who's able to do it... Or help me source for the right material to get it stuck on the wall.. I'm still willing to DIY it myself... 

What's left now though.. is an ugly patch of glue and a really sturdily stuck brick.  

Sad things aside, our sliding window for the service yard is up! (: 
I like how 'wide' it looks!

Pretty good open access! 

It still makes my kitchen look good! (: 

Also, I finally managed and remembered to take a shot of our MBR's false ceiling.. 

And the covered walkway from our block to the MSCP is open! (: Like finally! I've had enough of walking under the hot sun from the carpark! The annoying thing would be that even though many residents have yet to collect their keys, HDB is already charging us for carpark!!!!!!! And they're charging us even on Sundays and PH! Annoying! Mummy would have to pay parking fees to visit us even on weekends. 

The better part of the day would be coming home to the 3 tiered racks that I bought for the kitchen and the service yard. Furbishing the house bit by bit sure is fun! I also got a lot of items from Taobao for our new place.. That, I'll leave for the next post (: 

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