Monday, July 7, 2014

Day 14: shopping at ikea

Yesterday, I went back to my mum's. I hardly do so anymore cos' no one is usually home.. and I'll go back only to see my 2 babies.. 

Daddy knew I was missing durians and that I do not eat them at ma's so he got me some! (:
I LOVE the bitter ones.. How about you?

Also, my sister just returned from her trip to US about the same time we returned from HK.. 
She blessed us with a Kitchen-Aid food processor! She also blessed me with a couple other items.

Mum then accompanied me to pick up the Craftstone which I wanted to use for our faux brick wall. After that, we headed to Ikea (: 

We had our dinner at ikea.. I love their chicken wings! And the meatballs too!

I was blessed to have mummy shop with me last night (: It's always fun getting stuff for our new place..

We didn't do up a shower curb nor glass divider for our guest toilet so we got the U-shaped shower curtain rod which we will modify to a L-shaped shower curtain. 

We chose this simple and classic shower curtain!

These beauties then caught my eye. I wanted to buy them from taobao but $9.90 isn't costly either..

The colour was exactly what I wanted.. and it's so fluffy so I got them for the toilet (:

We got 2 cheap bins for the 2 rooms! 

I have such a fascination for colours! 

We had a really tough time choosing the right laundry basket.. I wanted one with 2 dividers, 1 for lights and 1 for darks and most important, a non-absorbent fabric as the clothes may start to stink by the time I wash them.. After all, there's only 2 of us.. how often can I wash our clothes?

In the end, we settled on this simple unit with wheels! (: 

I got this rack for the service yard to hang my hangers before hanging our clothes up to dry.

And we purchased our big green fluffy carpet for the living hall! (: 

It's so fluffy! And it's very grass-like, the way I want it! (: 

We also got a long black shelf as there's no space in the bedroom for another table...

Our simple bracket! 

A box of screws and wall plugs (:

And I'm returning to buy this closer to the completion of our renovation! (: 

This vintage clock is very beautiful! (: But of course, I didn't buy it.. We already have ours! 

Our cart of items! (: 

I spotted this super uncomfortable footrest.. It reminds me of the washing board parents use to make their children kneel on for punishment purposes... *hurhur*

And I was super thrilled having realised that Ikea has self check-out counters!!!!!!! I had so much fun with it.. It's like my secret ambition to work at such cashier counters! (: 

Mummy then drove me to our new place where we met the hubby to unload all the items in our new place. Our floor protection has all been removed.. Now, I'm just waiting for the defects to be touched up.. and for our wardrobe guy to come in for installation on Thursday! (: 

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