Monday, July 14, 2014

Day 21: of many many crosses

After the waterfall incident on Friday and the agreement that everything that has come in contact with water would be replaced, I still didn't feel quite safe. 

It took me a lot of consideration and ultimately, I decided to visit the unit on Sunday evening to cross out the wood that has had contact with water. It's not so much of a case of distrust of the company we're using.. but a measure of safe guarding ourselves. 

Armed with my permanent marker, I crossed out the back of all the pieces that water came in contact with. By Sunday evening, the surfaces were all pretty dried though some portions had water stains. 





I really drew a lot of Xs.



I marked Xs on all the wood that had water contact. Despite to the negativity, it was also to our delight that many of our other carpentry work were delivered. 



Our legs for the pull out table near the door was delivered too!  

The large tall unit hides the pull out table (: 
The glass doors for the study were delivered too! Same for the shelving...  

Our vanity counter is here too! I love the design on the laminate! (: 

It's upsetting that our toilet in the guest toilet is cranky.. Can't wait for it to be fixed by the plumber...  

Can't wait for Tuesday when all the new kitchen cabinets go up! (: 

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