Monday, July 14, 2014

Day 22: kitchen pull out table, TV console and feature wall

Today, I headed over to our unit after a long day in school. I was hoping that I could let the contractors fix the new cabinets in the kitchen. However, the kitchen guy wasn't around. Nevertheless, I managed to get a better glimpse of our pull out table! (: It's just short of the laminate (: 

The cabinets on the shorter side of our kitchen.. Love the tall unit. It'll house drawers, our built in oven and a space for the microwave oven. This delightful unit also houses our pull out table! As many of you may already know, we have a small 3 room unit. It's great for the 2 of us but the size of the place is really small at 65sqm. So I'm truly thankful that our IDs Lionel and Richie managed to incorporate a pull out table in our tall unit that I can use when our glass door is closed (: 

The best part would probably be that it's all hidden nicely in the tall unit, merging as one with the tall unit (: So it's like a little MAGIC (: 

Our TV console and feature wall is up too.. It's just short of the smaller details... 
The hole in the wall from the damaged water pipe has also been mended. 
The toilet bowl is in a really bad state though. I'm just hoping it's not some stuck cement or something like the way it happened in the other units. 

Tomorrow, the new kitchen cabinets will be going up.. there after the smaller details can be completed. At the speed we're going, we may be able to shift in earlier than expected with the exception of our kitchen backsplash... but it's good.. still good... (: 


  1. Looking forward to your next posts!

    1. (: quit blogging details bout the reno.. but i'll probably do a concluding post when we've unpacked everything! (:


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