Saturday, July 19, 2014

Day 27: bomb shelter shelving + shopping

Our bomb shelter's shelving came in today morning. I'm loving the stability it gives! (: Now, I think I'm gonna get some organisational containers to make good use of this space! (: 

I had a brunch appointment to discuss the baking lessons I'm going to conduct. Yes it's happening real soon! (:  
After brunch, I headed to courts to buy 2 fans for our place. We'd need more though.. 

Will have to return to buy the vacuum cleaner tomorrow (: 

I went Isetan shopping and these caught my fancy. Guess I'm gonna buy glass storage containers and the Thermos stacker... It's all too pretty!  

I then headed to Ubi to visit the Citylife warehouse.. purchased several items! Love the unconventional coloured pail and basins! (: 

I then headed to Moderna where I was super blown away by the range of items.. I had to restrain myself and only purchase 4 tumblers (: 

I then brought the stuff to our new place and rested there till the hubby knocked off and met me at Giant.. We didn't manage to get our pedal bin... 15 litre ones really aren't too common.. the ones that are common come with a hefty price tag! 

We then headed to Courts where he checked out the PS4 and we ended up in Ikea.
Sadly, both items we wanted were out of stock ): Will have to return next week to get them.. 

Nevertheless, it was a good day and I'm happy enough! (: 

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