Saturday, July 19, 2014

Day 26: My dream kitchen [our kitchen is finally up!]

It's awesome. It's merrily awesome. 95% of our carpentry is up and I'm thrilled. It's like a dream come true.. 

I was half dreading the installation as I really didn't want any possibly wet wood damaged from last Friday to be placed onto our cupboards. Thankfully, Absolook kept to their word and changed the cabinets. I rushed down after school for them to start work at about 1.40pm.. 

The cabinets being put into place after being screened by me.. 

Our water pipes in the kitchen.. If you can't conceal it, make it pop! (: 

The other side of the kitchen was actually completed earlier this week. 

We had the skirting in our unit painted black! (: 

The shelving for the bookshelves were up too... and so were the glass doors! 

The feature wall was completed together with the console.. 

And the moment arrived... kept my fingers crossed! 

Thankfully, it was good! 

I ended up playing with the cupboards in the study.. I love our Blum system! (: Only part of the house that's lacking the blum is the wardrobe which I forgot to request for! 

Love it so much! 

The uncles were really busy at work.. they had 3 hours to complete the job! 

The vanity counter for our MBR toilet is up with the sink too.. waiting for the quartz top now... 

Grey and black living hall walls! (: 

Our feature wall has shelving (: 

I was thrilled the moment the doors went up!

The view from our service yard... 


The awesome pull out table.. it even has the 45 degree finger slot for me to have a better grip of the table! LIONEL AND RICHIE YOU ROCK! (: 

The stove and basin were up too.. The L shaped kitchen gives me a little more counter space! 

Same for the dish drainer and cooker hob. 

My 2nd pull out table! (: Perfectly concealed as a drawer! 

Love the sink! 

Super slim hood! 

The oven went in too! (: The space above the oven is for the microwave oven.. 

Love how the white brightens up the whole kitchen.. and the orange frame is just perfect for it! 

According to Lionel, this is the first ever bright kitchen he has ever done.. guess we kinda broke his record! I truly truly love my kitchen.. Thank you Absolook, Lionel and Richie for making my dream come true! Can't wait for the rest of the unit to be completed for our move next Saturday! (: 


  1. Hello Cynthia, nice and bright kitchen you got there :D Where u planning to place ur fridge?

  2. Really enjoy following the progress of your renovation. : )

  3. My kitchen colour is same as you and is also done by absolook.

  4. Hi Cynthia, I am planning to renovate my daughter's bedroom, she just finished her study back to Singapore.
    Is your contractor good ? done a good job so far?
    Thank you for sharing !

    1. i went through an ID, not a direct contractor.. but they're pretty good.

    2. Hi Cynthia, do you want to share your ID?
      Thank you

    3. hi! kindly drop me a fb pm at (: faster that way!

  5. Nice! Love your kitchen design based on the limited space. Thanks for inspiration to my new nest, 3-room as well. Collecting my keys end of October, looking your your blog gave me a better idea now.

  6. Cant wait to see other area of your house? How much was your reno?

    1. i shared it on my fb profile.. maybe you can check out (:
      I spent about 30+ on reno and another +-10k for everything else..


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