Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Moving in and more taobao shopping for our home!

Last Saturday, we moved in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (: 

It was a hectic morning...

Blessed with the arrival of our stuff we mailed back from Hong Kong last month...

KNT movers did our moving this time round and they were pretty good. After moving and stuff, we were exhausted at 5pm. Laying down in bed enjoying the aircon had never been this satisfying!

However, as the hubby took his nap, I was too hyped up by the moving so I went to our study to do some unpacking.. I LOVE our bookshelves! 

I also started taking out our pots...

Love our cosy hall!

My dolls also got displayed! 

Bit by bit the place is coming together though I reckon it will take a while.. While waiting for our first 2 shipments of taobao stuff to arrive, I added more items! (: 

Stickers for our glass kitchen door.

Mini bin for my toilet.. 

Bedroom slipper!

Computer chair..

Adorable decals...

Super cute coasters!

Racks for the kitchen which I intend to use in the cupboards..

Glass jars...

Pillow hangers!

Cutlery organiser..

Silicon coasters...

Gadget for toothpaste...

Wire organiser..

Plastic holder for pot lids...

Cute scoop!

More pot and baking tray organisers..

Containers for my bags of flour...

Salt and pepper grinder..

Batter dispenser...

Tray with removable base.. 



  1. Hi Cynthia,
    I like visiting your blog and have tried your recipes too, very nice. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Can I ask you how is your experience with buying big items from Taobao because I'm currently considering to ship in a bed frame with steps for my young daughter and is concerned about the buying process as well.

  2. i visit ur blog for recipe, and today chance upon ur reno blog, love how ur house is so simple nice and beautiful.

  3. Hi Cynthia, Thanks for considering us as well as the positive comment on the recent relocation by our KNT Moving Team. We wish you all the best and seasons greetings 2014.


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