Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Day 10 of reno: of painted walls

Today's Day 10 of our reno journey and we're about 1/3 through our renovation! Works has been quite quiet in the recent few days for those that needed to be completed were completed ahead of time. 

Richie sent me an update of our unit's paintwork today. Am thrilled to see colour in the service yard!
It sure is fun to have splashes of colour in the house! The service yard's colour will complement that of the kitchen. 

So in love with it! (: The divider does seem a little uneven though.. So more work will be done on it to perfect it..

In the living hall and dining hall, lily white was used to make the place look bigger and brighter..

The two walls on this side closer to the corridor (dining hall wall and sofa wall) were painted in a dark shade of gray! 

It's that very dark grey.. second column third row (:

The same dark grey was used for our bedroom walls with the exception of the wall having our bed's headboard being slightly lighter in gray (colour above dark gray in the chart)..

This wall with the headboard is lighter in colour! 

This is the study with Clear Water (: The skirting is painted black throughout the entire house! (: 

This is getting exciting... even though the next few days would be quiet again as carpentry is being completed and pretty much only carpentry measurement is being taken.. 

Nevertheless, it still excites me a lot that we're moving in at the end of the month! (: It's a love-hate relationship though.. I'd love to move in.. but I'd hate to move out of my mil's. I really love the company, the joy of having everyone around.. I'm sure it'll be upsetting living alone with the hubby only. ): Nevertheless, I should still be happy... after all, we can always go home and they can come over! 

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