Saturday, June 6, 2015

Macaron Party!

This obsession with macarons started couple months back when I finally had a good batch of macarons after failures years back. It has since then blossomed into a mad obsession with character macarons. 

 These were the first of the many... It was the French method..

I then went all crazy and did some Tigger macarons. These were mad tricky as I toyed with royal icing to form the features on Tigger's face. 

Also did a little fun basic royal icing.

The next attempt was Pooh bear macarons. Those beady eyes!! (: 

I then tried some Hello Kitty bunny macarons. They weren't as pretty as I wish they were.. But it was my first attempt at using macaronage to do up features of Hello Kitty. 

I then got my tripod and did a video tutorial with these Matcha macarons. Also did Chocolate macarons that very day.

Then I did crazy flavours few days later.

The colours made me really happy. 

I even made them for an event.

Even Monster Inc coloured ones.

I then explore the Italian method with my new candy thermometer. These totoros were birthed!

They were just awfully adorable.

And as I found the Italian method too much of a hassle, I went back to the French method and made these Elmos and Cookie Monsters. 

And since my holidays are here... I went all out and did a whole range of macarons! 

It includes my favourite Mike of Monsters Inc. 

They were lots of fun.. I'm hoping to do more varieties... keep a look out for more! (: 

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