Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Hot Milk Cake (baked with Magnolia's Oat Milk)

The school term has finally come to an end and I FINALLY have some breathing space. I'm so exhausted from the academic year that all I wanna do is curl up and sleep. That and travel. I can't wait for my Japan trip next week. 

Anyway, to commemorate the end of the year, I decided to bake a Hot Milk Cake with the Magnolia Oat Milk I had in my refrigerator. As much as I LOVE layered cakes, I do enjoy easier bakes that are much simpler too. I decided to adopt this recipe for an Old Fashion Hot Milk Cake and added my twist to it. 

Did you know that Oat Milk has many health benefits? One of the popular benefit is that it bootsts breast milk supply! Now.. I know what to consume when I have a baby! It's also known to help with weight loss after the birth of a baby. I'm actually pretty excited to start a family soon! (: Of course, for regular consumers, Magnolia's Oat Milk consists 67% more calcium than regular milk! 

This cake is one of the more fragrant ones I've baked! It filled my kitchen with a lovely scent. I took about 1.5 hours to bake this cake and I'd rate it a difficulty level 3 out of 5. 

Hot Oat Milk Cake
This recipe yields 1 bundt cake

1 cup oat milk
2 tbsp vanilla bean paste
4 eggs (55-60g), room temperature
113g unsalted butter
256g plain flour
300g sugar (already reduced)
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt

70g whipping cream
70g dark couverture chocolate
1 tsp butter


Grease the bundt tin (I used oil).

Ingredients used.

Flour the bundt tin. Make sure all surfaces are well greased and floured.

Sift flour, salt and baking powder.

On low fire, melt butter. 
At the same time, add eggs to sugar. Mix on high speed till mixture triples in volume. 

When the butter has melted, add the oat milk.

Warm mixture till small bubbles are seen at the side of the pot. 

Mixing up well!

When mixture is light and pale and it has tripled in volume, add warm milk and butter mixture in slowly. (Mixer is on low speed) 

Add flour mixture in 2 batches. 

Use a spatula and ensure that sides of bowl is clean of flour/mixture is consistent. 

Pour mixture into bundt tin. 

Bake cake in preheated oven of 160 degree Celsius, ensuring that the cake is in the middle of the oven. 

Bake for 55 minutes. Check for done-ness at the 55th minute. If a satay stick/tooth pick comes out clean from the middle of the cake, the cake is ready. Else, bake for a while longer. 

Cool bundt tin on wire rack for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes, unmould cake as gently as you can. Allow cake to cool completely before frosting.  

In a small pot, warm up whipping cream till small bubbles appear the the sides of the pot.

Remove from heat and add in chocolate. Set aside for 5 minutes.

Add in butter and mix well.

Beautiful chocolate ganache is ready to be used! Drizzle over cooled cake. 

The cake is best served chilled. The use of Oat milk in this recipe yielded a very fragrant cake.. a smell that filled my kitchen that lifted my spirits! Enjoy the cake! 

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