Wednesday, December 2, 2015

McDonald's Clubhouse Burgers

My holidays are amazing. I've been out since my holidays started, spending time with my family. (: Monday was Hai Di Lao with my mil and Aunty Stella while Tuesday was lunch with my mum and sis followed by shopping with my mummy. Such bliss! 

After our long shopping trip in the afternoon, mum and I had dinner at Mcdonald's. I have to confess.. the hubby and I have mcd's pretty often, delivery style. Some times, I crave for it.. some times, we're lazy to cook, some times, we just need a late night snack. 

So yesterday, I finally got to try out truffle fries! We shy-ed away from the crowd at the quiet mcd's near my mum's.

I am a COKE ADDICT. Okay, I said it. I love coke. I know it's bad but it's my happy drink. I used to take it almost one a day.. now it's 6 cans for 3 weeks XD Anyway, I liked the Coke Float!!! (: Reminds me of vanilla coke! 

The Beef Clubhouse was okay.. I think I like Big Mac better XD Though the slice of chicken bacon did make it tastier! 

The Truffle Fries!!! Mummy liked it but it's like a tie between truffle and seaweed. I may like the seaweed one a teeny weeny bit more than the truffle! But it was still good! 

This.. is.. good. Juicy chicken, Big Mac sauce (slurps!)... 

There's also the Red Velvet McFlurry but I didn't try it cos I was too full from dinner. I think the hubby would love it though. He tries all the mcflurry flavours when there's a new launch! 

Image take from here

Go try the new menu now! 

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