Wednesday, December 30, 2015

100 yen shop shopping in Tokyo

If you're like me.. and that you love Daiso, Tokyo has lots of 100 yen shops to offer! I had the luxury of visiting 3 Daisos and 2 other 100 yen shops this December.. I'm pleased to share with you what some of these lovely shops have to offer. 

Images are valid as of Dec 2015. Of course, stocks change etc.. I can't assure you that you'd be able to find the exact same thing when you visit. But this guide with the addresses will help you plan your holiday should you choose to visit them! 

To begin with, 100 yen was merely sgd$1.20 or so (sgd$1.30 with tax) when we visited in Dec 2015. I had lots of fun shopping! (: In general the 3 companies we visited were 1) Daiso, 2) Can-do and 3) Seria. I like all 3 100 yen shops in their own way. All of them do bill us shoppers for tax, making it 108 yen per item.. There are many other 100 yen shops but these are those that I have visited and I'm glad to share them with you! 


Situated in Odaiba, we popped by this outlet when we visited the Giant Gundam. This is my favourite Daiso outlet of them all being all new and spacious. It was also a really nice large outlet. 

My stash (: 

Photo albums, Disney style.

Kinetic sand, super cheap!!!

Wigs.. I'd be glad to pay 400 yen for them! 

Kumamon products..

Dumpling moulds..

Even solid fuels!

Bento stuff..

Tons of snacks..

Lots of amazing seasoning!

Lots of convenient food..

Special flavours..

Anpanman products!

Baking supplies! I super loved this!

Tons of Disney products..

Lots of Hello Kitty products.. they made me really happy!

Daiso Diver City
6th floor
Nearest train station: Odaiba
Image taken from


We happened to pass by the mall and the huge Daiso sign drew the hubby's attention. He then took me to this outlet.. heh! 

A smaller outlet as compared of the Diver City outlet but it didn't stop us from getting lots of good stuff..

Daiso Yokohama in Colette Mare
4th floor
Nearest train station: JR Sakuragicho and Minatomirai Line Stations



This Daiso is touted as the largest Daiso in Tokyo being 4 storeys and all.. I didn't really fancy it though.. I prefer the outlet in Daiso Diver City.. Nevertheless, 4 storeys of Daiso is good... (: 

It was like Hello Kitty Wonderland.

Lovely locomotive toys...

Disney products..

Very lovely plates! 

Daiso Harajuku
4 levels of shopping!!! 
Japan, 〒150-0001 Tokyo, Shibuya, 神宮前 1ー19ー24
Nearest train station: Harajuku



Other than Daiso, Seria is also popular in Tokyo. We found the outlet in Shibuya and I loved it!!! 

Lots of bento mould.. I love the rice moulds!

Lots of adorable bento stuff.. 

Beautiful poly bags...

Mickey and Minnie kitchen stuff!

Disney baby products..

Just TONS of Disney products!

Lots of DIY stuff..

Baking supplies, just like Daiso.

Lovely tapes..

I had a tough time resisting these! I didn't get any cos' my kitchen is pretty well-equipped.. 

Lovely plates and all.. 

An outlet definitely worth visiting.. 

Seria Shibuya
代官山町17−6代官山アドレス・ディセ 3F
Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0034
Nearest train station: Shibuya



The other 100 yen shop we visited was Can-do.. Also located in Shibuya, it's convenient.. 

Tons of baking supplies! 

Lots of Sanrio products..

Even mason jars of various sizes were 100 yen! 

I was pretty surprised to find the replica food keychains for 100 yen here.. They were like 600+ yen in many shops we visited.. a good shop worth visiting too!

Can-do Shibuya
1-30-1 Seibu Sinjuku Pepe 8F, 
Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Nearest train station: Shibuya


Happy 100 yen shop shopping! 

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