Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Tokyo 2015 Day 10 - Panasonic Showroom and heading home

On Day 10, it was time to head home. We checked out at 10am and left our bags with the hotel. 

It was a chilly morning and having piping hot udon was perfect. 

We ate at a small shop around the train station. 

At 480 yen, it was the best udon I've had in a long long time. 

We walked passed the old Shimbashi station.. 

We visited the Panasonic showroom.

I've always thought of Panasonic as a household appliance brand.. but as we visited the Panasonic showroom, I was blown...
I had always thought that Panasonic was a brand that only offered household appliances. I was blown away by what they offered in the showroom! From toilets to tiles to kitchens.. I wanna move to Japan. XD 

We then headed back to the hotel to pick up our luggage and headed to Tokyo station to do a little more snack shopping. 

There were so many adorable snacks on sale. I wish I had more stomachs! We took the train back to Narita Airport. We checked in our bags early as we were early.. 

There were some airport exclusive flavoured kit-kats on sale! The matcha sakura and the special strawberry.. 

I added a cook book to my collection! The airport is SUCH AN AWESOME PLACE TO SHOP. Snacks, books, clothes etc etc.. there's a lot to buy at the Narita airport! 

We returned our wifi gadget.. did some shopping and settled for our late lunch.. As always, we splurged on the 'last meal' since we had a fair amount of money left.. 

The hubby bought his favourite traditional Japanese snack.. it was so costly! 1600 yen for 6 sticks! 

We had a really great lunch.. Warm tamago..

Deep fried Oyster!


Deep fried octopus!

Sushi platter. I loved it! 


The hubby's dessert..

The sun set really beautifully that day and we were so reluctant to leave.. but as with all good things.. there's bound to be an end.. 

We bought more snacks (hahah!) and headed for the plane.. We were very blessed to have been bumped up to the economy plus seats! We only discovered it when we were about to board the plane. Heh! To think we were contemplating on topping up sgd$80+ per pax the night before when we did our online check-on.

We were so thankful for our extra leg-room!

My pasta dinner.. I stayed up for the entire ride home as I didn't want to be faced with the inability to sleep when we got home.. I watched a couple of good movies on the plane. 

We touched down at 1+am.. We then discovered that one of our luggage had a broken wheel! We were pretty upset cos that was borrowed from my fil and it's the last luggage I want damaged. The hubby headed to the lost and found counter within the arrival area and lodged a report. A staff from SATS visited us on Monday morning to pick up the broken luggage for investigation.

After 1.5 weeks, we were reimbursed with a brand new luggage in the exact same model! Guess the damage was beyond repair XD 


So that concludes our 10d 9n trip to Tokyo this year. I can't wait to probably return to another part of Japan next year. I shall do up a blog entry on the 100 yen shops I've visited this time round.. do keep a look out for it! (: 

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