Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Tokyo 2015 Day 2 - Fuji-Q Highland, Takashimaya and Gundams

On Day 2, we got up pretty early to head to Fuji-Q Highland. The train ride out was about an hour long. 

We woke up to a really beautiful sky.

We went to Tokyo station to grab a train up to Fuji-Q. The transport system can be pretty complex.. I'm just blessed to have had the hubby plan everything! XD 

At the platform, we were able to buy our breakfast. 

Our breakfast!

Hubby's beef don.

My extremely pretty breakfast! It was really tasty too! 

The train ride was beautiful with the scenery we enjoyed. The train also made me really drowsy with the 'chug-chug' sound XD We took about an hour to get to Fuji-Q. Thankfully, one of the entrance was just next to the train station. 

It was a really cold morning, just the way I loved it! 

Theme park day! Such a good view of mt fuji from the theme park.. and the rides here are pretty outta this world!

Blown away by the coasters! 

We could see Mt. Fuji. (: 

I love carousels (: 

The atmosphere was just amazing. Serene in its own way. There was even an ice-skating rink! Many kids were learning how to skate. 

There were many amazing rollercoasters! This one had an insane drop!

There was also a Thomas Land. 

And a haunted house that the hubby says is HORRID. It's just mad scary he said.. he's been in there once! 

Lots of pretty fall leaves (: 

Along the way, I lost my ticket. In Fuji-Q, you have to present your tickets at each ride to gain entry.. They have entry tickets (you pay for each ride separately) or the full pass. I LOST MINE. The hubby almost wanted to kill me. 

Churros to the rescue! Heh. 

Had a ride on one of the best coasters I've taken. The seats rotate, there's loops and corkscrews and what nots.. the...
I then took the best roller coaster ride of our trip!

After the roller coaster ride, we had our lunch. One thing really amazing bout Japan is their dedication to whatever they do. Pretty much all the meals tasted like heaven. 

Our simple food court meal tasted really good. 
We then took the train back to town. 

The zen-ness of the suburbs is amazing. We stopped over at Otsuki to change a train back to Shinjuku.. it was so cold!

I was amused at this stairs I spotted on the train catalogue! 

Found my Ochikeron cook book! (:
I then got my Ochikeron cookbook that was launched 2 days ago! I'm such a huge fan of hers! (:

Piping hot ramen for dinner works best cos it's chilly outside!
The hubby and I then walked to Shinjuku, near to where Yodobashi was to have dinner at our favourite ramen joint. Nothing beats piping hot ramen on a cold night!

The menu had many affordable selections. Beer was only 300 yen per mug!

We ordered noodles via this ticketing machine.

We then headed to Yodobashi Camera East to buy the hubby's gundams. 

I'm the hubby's little helper!
Gundams in Japan are like SOOOOOOOOO much cheaper! Generally, they're only 1/3 or 1/2 the price we pay in Singapore.

I also spotted many lovely toys!
I took a liking to the Whipple series of toys.

I bought 3 boxes.

They were lots of fun!

At Kino earlier on, I got a Polly Pocket magazine and this was the gift in it. This was similar to what I played with growing up. It's just such a pity that it's no longer in production. What's left is the larger Polly Pocket which doesn't appeal to me. 

We then had a good rest cos we were headed for the Ueno Zoo the next morning. Read on in the next entry! 

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