Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Tokyo 2015 Day 1 - Travelling by United Airlines and Zauo Dining

After our honeymoon to Tokyo last Jan, the hubby and I have been eager to return. We never really got to planning it cos it did seem far-fetch with it being pretty costly. We spent about 6.5k the last time round for our honeymoon so it is a seemingly huge sum.

With the introduction of Waku Waku Japan on mio TV in the middle of the year, our yearning grew stronger. In July/Aug, the pricing for air tickets and flight was pretty good so we took a plunge and booked our vacation. We were truly blessed to have been able to raise sufficient money for the trip with some surplus! 

It was a much needed trip cos the year has been tough. 
We were gonna fly by United Airlines and we had 2 x 23kg luggage allowance per pax! The hubby lugged 2 luggage to Tokyo while I hid one in a larger luggage! 

The night before our morning flight, we were so excited we could barely sleep. After all, it was truly surreal. We took a 7am flight via United Airlines. 

Our breakfast!

The 7 hour flight felt like eons. I did nap a little on the plane and watched a couple of movies. This was our snack! 

Our flight was early and we were able to catch the earlier train to town. 

Upon arriving at the airport, we headed to this counter where the hubby had all the necessary train passes purchased. We also went to the post office in the airport to pick up the wifi gadget that he had booked online. With the gadget, we were able to have internet access throughout our trip.

Our train to town!

There was even space to store our luggage. 

We chose Sotestsu Fresa Inn that's near the Shimbashi station. Simple and small but good enough for our stay. 

I was even gifted with a lady's set!

The toiletries were lovely! Pretty good for a 3 star hotel I would say! After a short rest, we headed to Shinjuku. 

We popped by the hubby's favourite Gundam store at Yodobashi Camera West before heading for dinner. 

Dinner at the special Zauo! The restaurant where you get to fish your dinner! I caught one but let it get away cos I...
We then headed to Zauo for dinner. Zauo is a restaurant where you can fish for your dinner. If you manage to do so, your meal is cheaper! Otherwise, you can order from their menu. 

On my first trip, I caught a fish but I didn't know how to reel it in so it got away! >.<
We tried for another hour but failed to catch any! So, we ordered off the menu. 

How it works.. The food was okay.. but I guess I did feel discriminated cos we were tourists.. The locals were treated with much more care and respect. O.o

We then took a stroll to the nearest station and made our way back to the hotel to get some much needed rest. 

Read the next entry to find out more bout our trip to Fuji-Q Highland! (: 

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