Monday, March 21, 2016

Triple Three - New Scandinavian Flavours

Triple Three is running a new promotion, New Scandinavian Flavours for a limited period in March starting this Thursday (24 March 2016) to the 3rd of April (Sunday)! Hubby and I had the privilege to try out some of the dishes.. 

We started the night with a beautiful drink.. it was awesome given that I had attended a course the entire day.. and a good meal really wrapped the night well. 

Good food always make me happy! 

We started with Herring on Rye Bread. 

We couldn't help but visit the regular buffet too XD 

The desserts are always so pretty!

It was also Tsukiji night so we had really good sashimi! 

And oysters.. I miss these so dearly! 

Not forgetting Uni (: 

Back to the dinner.. we were introduced to the charming chef, Markus Dybwad who made it all possible, bringing his Norwegian heritage into food that is shared during this season. It helps that he's really charming too XD 

He took a seat during dinner and taught us how to put together a good Prawn, Mayonnaise and Dill and bread, the way he'd do so back home. He was really charismatic and made us feel right at home! 

After his demo, we got our hands dirty (in a good way!) and made our own sandwich too! 

Squeezing the mayo out of the tube felt like squeezing toothpaste! XD 

I had a generous amount of ingredients on my sandwich! There was plenty of roe on each prawn as I deshelled them so I piled them onto the sandwich! 

It was absolutely DELICIOUS! 

We also had Smoked Mackerel with sour cream and cucumbers. It tasted a little like smoked duck! 

We then had Salmon with vanilla mash, capers and brown butter. The VANILLA MASH WAS LIKE THE BEST MASH EVER. I never knew that mashed potato could be sweet and this good. I'm so adding this to my menu soon! 

Then as always, we sidetrack... and went to get our favourite risottos from the buffet line! XD The squid ink risotto...

And my favourite lobster bisque risotto. 

The Smoked Haddock with leek and cauliflower wasn't to my liking though.. I didn't fancy the sauce nor the fish.. but the other dishes were good! 

The Crispy Pork with parsley sauce was crunchy and flavourful! How can I resist crunchy pork bellies?

Dessert was Cloudberries with cream and brown cheese... 

And a bonus lava cake! 

The one I had was a little firmer than I'd like it to be but it tasted good.. especially with the lingonberries! Do check out Triple Three and the New Scandinavian Flavours promotion! The promotion is in addition to their regular buffer selection! 

Promotion Date
Thursday, 24 March to Sunday, 3 April 2016

Adult – $118++ Child: $48++ (6 – 12 years)

Daily Dinner: 6.30pm to 10pm
Sunday Lunch: 12pm to 2.30pm

For reservations and enquiries, call 6831 6288 or by email:

 UOB credit/debit cardholders entitled to 50% off for every second diner 
(maximum 8 persons per card) during dinner and Sunday lunch
 DBS credit/debit cardholders entitled to 50% off for every second diner 
(maximum 8 persons per card) only during Sunday lunch

# Hubby and I were invited for the media tasting. Opinions are purely ours. 

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