Thursday, March 20, 2014

Oreo Chocolate Tart

I know I've been away for a really long time. I'm in between kitchens now.. my mum's kitchen is too far away from me while it's almost odd to use my mil's kitchen. We're awaiting to collect the keys to our first home! In another 3-4 months, I'll have a kitchen ALL TO MYSELF to play. Till then, I'm only able to bake and cook so much ):

Anyway, it's AWESOME that it's the March Holidays! I'm more than delighted to have this break. After all, teaching is a really really really tough job. I knew it was tough... but I didn't know it'd be THIS TOUGH. Nevertheless, I know that God has allowed for many things that has happened to happen cos' he knows I'm up to it. And so, I'm gritting my teeth with all my might... and I'm gonna make the best out of the experiences I've had and will have!

Anyway, school aside, it's odd how I've had plenty of odd food cravings. And NO, I am not pregnant yet. I've been in love with Awfully Chocolate's cakes and gosh.. the fudge is just SO GOOD. I'm still waiting for some hardworking part of me to try baking it so I don't have to pay a bomb for the cake I love so much. So as I'm not that hardworking of late... I decided to do a lazier decadent version of something really chocolatey. So here's my Oreo Chocolate Tart. 

It's simple. It's no bake. It's easy to prepare. What else can one ask for? 
This recipe takes less than an hour to prepare, depending on how speedy you are... 
So what are you waiting for? (: 

Oreo Chocolate Tart Recipe

This recipe yields one 10" by 4" tart

150g oreo cookies (without the cream)
56g unsalted butter (I love SCS!)

100g dark couverture chocolate
95ml whipping cream
56g unsalted butter

4 pcs oreo cookies (without the cream)
15 - 20g mini chocolate chips

For the steps, refer to video tutorial here.


  1. For the dark conv chocolate, where did you purchase it?

  2. Hi Cynthia, can the whipping cream be replaced with bulla thickened cream?


  3. I've made this! And my colleagues LOVEEEEE IT SO MUCH! Thank you for the recipe cynthia! You sure have made baking seems so fun and easy!!!! I'm glad I found you and your website! :)

  4. Hi Cynthia, is it difficult to remove the tart from the pan? Is the oreo base fragile?


    1. Hello Joyce,

      Once it's set it will be easy to remove. You have to ensure that you compact the mixture well in the first place though. Else the crust will crumble.

  5. Hi Cynthia, I have tried making it today...but silly me that I saw ur video steps wrongly. Instead of putting the final product in the chiller to let it set for 3 hrs, I put it in the freezer to let it set. By the time I realised this mistake, it was 5 hrs later.. I wonder can it still be eaten? I have brought it down to the chiller compartment though.

  6. hello,

    yes you may still eat it but it'll very likely be very frozen?

    1. Halo..tks for your reply..

      Luckily it can still be eaten and it eventually turn soft after I left it in the chiller. ;) still taste very nice! Thank you!

  7. Can I use milk to replace the whipping cream?

  8. Instead of whipping cream, I bought the cooking cream? Can I use that? The difference is in the fats content.

  9. Hello,

    Can I use hersheys chocolate chips instead of the chocolate bar?

    1. hello,

      I'm not sure if the chocolate chips will dissolve as required for the recipe.

  10. Can i replace whipping cream with yoghurt? thx


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