Saturday, April 2, 2016

Bangkok 2016 Day 2 - Platinum Fashion Mall and Central Plaza Rama 9

On Day 2, mum and I slept in and woke up late.. We headed to Platinum Fashion Mall for retail therapy. 

I am so madly in love with the mall. 

Many tops are like 200 baht, making it $8 each.. I bought a whole lot! XD 

For lunch, mum and I had Mcdonald's. We had MCCRISPY!!! Mad love! 

FOFs were served in paper wrappers! 

They had ham&cheese pies and chocolate pies! 

I am almost jealous of the tons of sauce choices they have, even if we had to pay. 

The pies! (: 

By the way, Platinum Fashion Mall is MEGA HUGE. 1 day isn't enough for my mum and I. There are like 5/6 levels of shopping, and 2 buildings of them.. and they are split into 3 zones. It felt like there were a MILLION shops. 

Rule of thumb.. like something? Buy!
It'll be tough to locate the shop there after..

There's also an amazing stationery shop on the upper levels: SUN STAR. It's got tons and tons of great stuff! A general rule of thumb: 3 items of the same design allow you to purchase the item at wholesale price. Else, 6 items of the same type (eg: lunchboxes) gives you wholesale prices too. 

Mad adorable lunchboxes which I bought. 

The shop was huge.. They also offer the service where you can store your previous shopping stash and have a great time shopping in their shop. I got some stationery for my kiddos and some lunchboxes and printed paper for myself. :)

By evening time, mum and I had tons of shopping bags XD 
We bought a trolley bag and dumped everything in.

We took a cab and wanted to visit one of the train markets but I MADE A BOO BOO.
I had the dates mixed up and halfway through our journey, Google Maps told me that the night market wasn't open. MUHAHAHAHA.

We ended up at Central Plaza Nama 9. That's how we ended up walking around, discovered a Daiso and had MK Steamboat for dinner. 

The Daiso here was amazing cos I discovered some stuff I've been trying to locate. 

My POOH lunch boxes!!! 

Giant claypots.. 

Minnie Mouse mason jars!

I also got a cupcake pan with lid for only $10 from the departmental store!

Mum and I had dinner at MK Steamboat.. 

 And that wraps our day of shopping. 

Here are some of the tees I got for the hubby (I bought tons for him!) and lots of blouses for myself. The packets of papers came in handy..

I printed Spelling Bee certs for my kiddos who have scored well for their Spelling.. 

So the next entry would be Day 3 of my Bangkok trip where mum and I attended a cooking class! :)

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