Saturday, April 2, 2016

Playing with Polymer Clay

Just before the March Holidays, I picked up a lesson on polymer clay with PigBakesClay. I've always been fascinated by replica food.. so this was perfect!  

So cute!

The home studio is situated in Seng Kang. 

We started with Ang Ku Kuehs.. 

Made use of real leaves to texture the clay... 

It was so adorable! 

We then did some Tutu Kuehs.


So very adorable.. and the details were insane. 

So delicately intricate.

Pineapple tart..

The pineapple tart was tricky to sculpt.. 
But totally worth the effort! 

So many works of art! 

Neatly organised balls of clay..

Iced-gem cookies!
They were really tough to shape! 

They were so tiny! 

Balls of clay for the Kueh Lapis Sagu..

I love the colours!

Even minor details were not left out! 

Such a beautiful mess! 

I had mine made into a bracelet.. 

Playing with polymer clay is a lot of fun but it's a tough work.. It's also an expensive hobby.. I got a small kit from Bangkok and I've been playing with them at home.. Hoping that I can play with more polymer clay as I go! 

I'm also playing with Air Dry Clay to create larger food replicas.. I'll share more details in another post! 

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