Saturday, April 2, 2016

Bangkok 2016 Day 3 - Thai Cooking Class, Dhara Spa, Mangkorn Seafood and Ratchada Train Night Market

On Day 3, mum and I got up early and had breakfast at our hotel's lobby. 

It was a simple fare for 199 baht per pax. The service was impeccable. 

We then met at Asoke BTS just across the street to meet our instructors for our cooking lesson with Bangkok Thai Cooking Academy. We were first taken to the small wet market to shop for ingredients. 

These baby brinjals were so adorable. BUT THEY WERE DARN BITTER >.<

Various types of basil..

The banana flower!

Even the stem of the banana plant is used for cooking.

Their version of economical rice.

We then took a cab (as guided by the guides) to the academy. 

There were 6 of us attending the lesson that morning. 

We did tons of mincing..

Tons of pounding.. 

Cooking of the red curry! 
Here's mummy and I cooking! 

We leaned how to cook Phad Thai.. 

Cashew Nut Chicken

Red Curry

Fish cakes.. 

Maybe it was me but the food was pretty salty.. The recipes were probably done so to appeal to the tastebuds of the many Western foreign students the academy receives.

We did have a great time though.. it was a lot of fun!
I do wish they did have transport to send us back to the Asoke BTS/to the main street. The academy was deep in some private estate and we had to walk out to the main streets in order to get a cab. THAT WAS ANNOYING in the hot sun. And calling for cabs in Bangkok is silly, they go by first come first serve basis. And it'd take an hour or so for any vehicle to reach you. 

Anyway, we walked to the main street with the other participants and took a cab to Dhara Spa. 

It's time for some pampering! Getting the full spa package done!

We had close to 4 hours of sheer bliss. 

Mum and I shared a couple's room. 

We had the herbal treatment, body scrub, body milk treatment, body wrap, aromatherapy massage and facial. We paid 2450 baht (almost $100) per pax for all these due to the 50% discount applicable if you were to make your reservations online. This is DEFINITELY a spa to visit and indulge if you're in Bangkok. The owner has gladly extended the 50% discount promotion till the end of 2016. Do check them out! 

After our amazing session that left our skin smooth and supple, mum and I took a cab to Mangkorn Seafood, the renowned 399 baht Seafood place. That works out to about $16 per pax for free flow seafood with free flow booze and soft drinks! 

The marinated pork was really good. 

Charcoal makes everything taste so much better! 

Mangkorn Seafood is a distance away from town and I heard that many taxi drivers do not want to take passengers back to Bangkok central. So if you're in the area.. pop by the Ratchada Train Night Market. 

We took a tuk tuk there since not many taxi drivers knew the way.. 

The Night Market had a lovely atmosphere.. tons of stalls, tons of bars and tons of eateries.

I love the Strawberry Smoothies in Bangkok. I even tried recreating them at home! 

Yummy coconut snacks

Takoyaki-like snacks with lots more filling!

Salt wrapped charcoal fish!

Phad Thai!

Phad Thai!

We found quite a number of lovely stuff at the night market.. 

Bangkok shopping is lots of fun! Check out Day 4 next where I'll share more bout one of Bangkok's hidden treasure for shopping.. Sampeng Lane Market! 

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