Saturday, May 7, 2016

Food Jewellery

I've been fascinated with fake food for the longest time ever.. 

A couple of weeks back I started exploring more air dry clay.. I tried my hands at a rainbow cake but it wasn't too pretty. 

It stacked up well but I was too eager to cut into it..

I got more reads from Kino and they were costly XD I then checked out similar titles from Amazon Japan for a fraction of the price..

Earlier this week I mailed out some char shao bao and siew mai studs my friends ordered.. so adorable! 

I also made some mini macarons.. 

I started playing with rings.. Love the bauble! Though the kueh lapis sagu needed more work.. 

They did make very adorable studs! 

I did some prep work... 

And as I strained my back on Thursday night and had my mobility affected, I couldn't walk very much. I ended up working on more air dry clay today when I got sick of bed rest and of course, I felt a little better. I did some Takoyaki! I played for Epoxy for the first time and it was a cheap alternative to UV Resin! 

These were some of the items I've played with so far (as of this afternoon)...

I coloured some clay and stacked them for another batch of Kueh Lapis Legit using Modena Clay..

Did some Strawberry Parfaits... used strawberry decor sauce, mango decor sauce, Padico whipped cream and Modena clay! This was tons of fun! Do you even spot the pocky? XD

After dinner, I did some dim sum baskets using Modena and Thai Clay.. I also played with textures using a serving tray I had (hence the intricate design on the red tray)... It was lots of fun.. Can't wait to play with more projects and for my clay stuff to arrive both from Japan (Amazon) and China (Taobao)! 


  1. hi,
    i want stud earrings. what do u have?
    food one

    1. Thanks! I do a variety of them.. Maybe you can visit my FB album to check it out..

  2. This is really pretty! You're so talented :)


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