Sunday, May 8, 2016

Tanoshii Ke-Ki Cookbook by Chef Yamashita (Launch)

Last Saturday, I had the honour of attending the cookbook launch of Chef Yamashita at Bosch's Experience Centre. I'm a huge collector of cookbooks and Chef Yamashita's books are one of those I adore. 

It was the launch of his latest book, Tanoshii Ke-Ki. I learned at the event that he had another book in between! Knowing that the husband would love the recipes inside (we've recently been too fascinated by Japanese recipes), I purchased the Wagashi cookbook. 

There were lovely snacks for us..

And the best part would to be watching Chef Yamashita demonstrating his Yuzu Chiffon Cake. 

Chef was really charismatic and even though he spoke in Japanese (his beautiful translator did the translation), his body language communicated what he wanted to say. 

I love his enormous whisk!

Some of his techniques differed from what I'd usually do.. Like observe how low the chiffon tin is inverted? I'd usually prop it up on a rack to prevent condensation. 

He sifted his flour onto a sheet! 

Very animated! 

And he lovingly showed each and every step to all who were present.

He even had a couple of participants get dirty! XD He gently scooped the batter bit by bit into the tin as opposed to what I'd usually do - pouring the batter all into the tin at once. 

Removing his chiffon with a spatula!

He brought his Sakura roll to share with us! 

It was really good. Soft and of the right sweetness! 

He also showed us how he'd decorate the roll in a simple yet elegant manner. 

Frosting his yuzu chiffon (:

The chiffon was good! I'm gonna add this to my list of chiffon bakes! 

Sharing his Castella cake (which reminds me that I've yet to use mine!) and dramatically showing us how huge the tin that was used to bake the cake was! 


His elegantly decorated Yuzu Chiffon! 

Yummy Castella.

It was truly an honour to meet Chef Yamashita. 

I love the cookbook.. it consists of 42 lovely recipes that are easy to follow. I can't wait to try some of his recipes when my back gets better. 

Go grab yours at the nearest bookstore! (: 

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