Wednesday, June 15, 2016

French Pastry lesson with my sister at Palate Sensations

On the 5th of June, my sister and I woke up really early (for weekend's standard that is!) and travelled to Buona Vista for our French Pastry Class. It's a lesson conducted by Palate Sensations as arranged by SkillsHQ. It was $240 but it was fully redeemable using our Skills Future Credits. 

I loved the cooking school! 

We learned to make creme patisserie from scratch! 

Worked out our arm muscles to create our sweet and savoury shortcrust pastry. The savoury one was a bitch! XD The sweet one was way easier! 

We made a Chocolate Lava Cake which was really simple! 

Time went by really quickly even though it was a full day lesson.. 

We also made a savoury mushroom quiche..

My sister with our creations! 

My creations! 

The chocolate lava cake! 

It was a lesson we enjoyed though $240 would be on the costlier side if I were to pay for the lesson on our own XD 

I love SkillsFuture Credits! Have you used yours? XD 


  1. The fruits tarts look so yummy!
    But the way, how did you use your skillsfuture credit to enroll the course? If I'm currently not working in the F&B industry can I use the credit for cooking courses?

    1. Thank you! I enrolled in the class and was then guided to register for use of credits on the portal.

      Yes you can!


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