Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Homemade Mango Sorbet (With just 2 ingredients)

Last week, my office combined forces (haha!) to order mangoes from the supplier. We ordered a thousand odd bucks worth of mangoes from the supplier! 

As the weather was just really warm, the mangoes ripened a little too soon for my liking. I had gotten 2 cartons after all! These Chousas were pretty sweet and had a lovely creamy texture.

After sharing one carton with both my families, I had one carton to myself. I was busy over the weekend conducting replica food classes (Yes I do them now!) so I haven't had the time to play with these lovely mangoes.


I did 3 workshops over the weekend and ma came over for some fun too! 

Cartoon was a little busybody! 

Nonya Kueh Bracelet! 

A Disney inspired donut bracelet from one of the sessions! 
Replica food has been my latest hobby, especially after I hurt my back in April/May.. I've been on a baking/cooking hiatus ever since! XD 

Anyway, I was inspired by Gemma of Gemma's Bigger Bolder Baking and decided to make some Mango Sorbet! 

I peeled 6 mangoes.. 

Slice the mangoes into small pieces and freeze them. I did so in a bowl and it got stuck together. I'd suggest that you freeze them on a baking sheet instead! I allowed my mangoes to freeze overnight.

In a food processor, add mangoes and condensed milk. I blitzed them in the ratio 200g mango: 35g sweetened condensed milk. 

Allow mixture to blend till you get a nice and creamy texture. Scoop into containers and freeze overnight.

I stored them into mini containers with lids purchased from Cold Storage. I added a lovely sticker from Taobao just to make it prettier! My hubby enjoyed it last night... I took some to the office and my colleagues loved it too! It's just so rich in mango flavour and it's so easy to make. I hope you'll enjoy making it too! 


  1. You are a very inspiring person and talented writer,I love your blog!keep doing what you love and good travels!


  2. I made this today using your recipe. Yummy! Thank you for shearing this post can you share some baking post i love bakery products so i can bake Thank you.


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