Thursday, June 9, 2016

Food Jewellery Part 3

I've been working on more food jewellery lately! Sharing some of my works here! 


With rice and lettuce! 

Moooooo hot plate! 

Tau Sar Piah

Pandan Chiffon Cake

Tau Sar Piah which I made into a necklace

Rice, grain by grain shaped by hand (:

Love the tifin carrier a lot! 

Chicken rice!

Nonya Platter using polymer clay done with Miniature Asian Chef

Coca-Cola with bottle! 

Love the pot!

Ang ku kueh and tutu kueh bracelet

Chicken before 'roasting'! 

Fishball noodles dry as necklace! 

Such intricate details! 


They look really good as earrings! 

Ingredients for Paella


Kueh Lapis Sagu as a stud!

Ang Ku Kueh earring

Paella with prawn earring

Popsicle bracelet


Made a mould out of a AKK magnet I got..

Adorable bowl!

Beef Stew with a spoon!

Dim sum studs

I even have a stove now! 

Roasted Chicken!

Dim Sum with tray necklace
Durian puff!

Prawn earring


Beef stew, roasted chicken and kuehs

Beef stew!

A glass of red

Part of my collection

A bottle of red chilli

Paddlepop necklace


Paddlepop dangling earring


Durian puff

Milo earrings!

Rainbow cake slices

Paddlepop studs

Work in progress

Coffee, toast and soft boiled eggs

Kueh Lapis Sagu studs


Dim Sum basket ring

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