Monday, November 19, 2012

Come like us on Facebook!

Did you know that we're on Facebook?
That's right! I do post updates from time to time on Facebook so please do come join us on our Facebook page at The Baking Biatch on Facebook! (:

Do remember to follow the following steps in order to get constant updates as well as ALL the updates that are being posted! This is necessary in order to enjoy all the wonderful Facebook posts as Facebook requires pages (like us) to pay to promote our posts.. else only 10% of our 'followers' get to see the posts! So please, do the following to ensure that you get our wonderful updates! (:

Step 1) Hoover your mouse over like and click on 'Show in News Feeds'
Step 2) Hoover your mouse over like and click 'Add to Interest Lists'

It's just that simple! I look forward to having you join us on Facebook! (: 

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