Monday, February 25, 2013

Billy & Cynthia POST 6: The Gown Fitting, The Nays

Before we start, here are some acronyms I'll be using: 
AD = Actual Day
PS = Photo Shoot
WG = Wedding Gown
EG = Evening Gown

So I did my gown fitting in Seletar Broadway in the last week of December. I took about 3h+ to pick my AD WG, AD EG, PS WG & PS EG as well as for the fav boy to pick out 2 suits. 

Selecting the AD WG was relatively easy as I've already had my eyes set on a particular gown before we signed our package. In this entry, I'll be sharing the NAYS of my gown fitting.

This toga gown didn't catch my fancy as I didn't love the frills on the bottom. The middle wasn't very flattering to my body either.

This was one of the pass-but-i-dont-love-it cake. I believe that Sweetheart cut fits me best.

As you can tell, halters are a NO-NO for me.!

Didn't fancy the embroidery (cos it makes me look old!) nor the straight top.

I fancied the lace at the bottom of the gown but not the straight cut top.

This passed but I didn't really like the embroidery!

This was my second choice EG! It was between this or my blue EG. Ultimately, the blue one one cos' it's so me, so blue, so bling and the upper half of the dress is more fanciful and attractive for table-to-table shots for the banquet dinner.

This colour is such a no-no!

This gown is one of their popular pieces but the top bit just reminds me of the Money King's clouds! 

Didn't fancy the cut of the dress but I did love the black lace bottom! 

This colour is just so old!

This was one of the tea dresses that I tried but it didn't fit me well.

This was so just funny that I couldn't stop laughing when I had it on. It's between a night gown and a preggers' outfit. Guess I'll look like this when I'm expecting aye?

This purple one looked equally bad.

So, here are the NAYS of my gown fitting. I'll most probably post the YAYS after the photo shoot on 4th March! Till then, I'm just really excited to clear my assignments and have our photo shoot! (:

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