Sunday, September 29, 2013

A weekend in Johor Bahru

So we were in JB this weekend to settle our invites for the Holy Matrimony. I will share more details on the price for printing in the shop that we chose. 

One thing I love about Malaysia is that due to the exchange rate, things are cheaper for us. This is especially so for food. It's just such a delight to dine in JB!

We took the opportunity to do a short getaway in Grand Bluewave Hotel, a hotel I used to visit as a kid. My family and I visited it so very often for short getaways. It's my first visit after 14 years. Things are still the same as much as things have changed. The old stuff we used to be so familiar with have gone with time. It did revoke a lot of memories, some too painful to bear. 

In any case, the buffet from the hotel that we had intended to have was mediocre that we decided to head out to eat instead. We headed to KSL City to have our dinner. 

We love dining at Seasons, Malaysia's version of Swenson's. The exchange rate once again makes it very favourable for us to dine. The baked fish rice was divine. I shall attempt to recreate a similar dish! Oh yes, we paid merely SGD$24 for all these dishes as well as a drink. 

I managed to get another 2 books for myself and one for my mum. I bought a total of 4 books! I could have gotten them at a cheaper price should I have brought my Popular Card! But it's alright, I shall remember to bring it in two week's time when we head back to collect our wedding invites (: 

The breakfast in hotels is one of the favourite things I love. However, the one served in the hotel this morning was blah. Well, at least it has inspired me to do up a good recipe for Omelettes! 

We checked out and headed for City Square for more food and shopping. 

Lunch was at Canton-i and it was good. I loved almost everything we had. This meal only set us back RM70+. We even applied for their membership card and can earn points in their participating outlets. 

Billy then went to have a massage at our favourite massage place while I went for some pampering at the new branch of my favourite nail place. My fingers and feet are finally free from dead skin and junk! I just love having my cuticles trimmed. I paid only sgd$34 for both classic mani and pedi with express quickdry for my manicure. Loving the new OPI colour range by the way! 

We then had Baskin Robbins and Delifrance's fruit tart for tea! I know, we eat a lot! That's only the case when we travel. Speaking of which, I wonder if its possible to whip up some home-made Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice-cream.. I simply love this flavour! Anyway, I'm such a fan of fruit tarts that I think I should just whip some up real soon! 

We did more shopping and I purchased two tops and a dress for a really cheap price. 

There was this shop that was closing down and all their stuff was One for One! I paid $13+ each for these beauties! 

We then had dinner at Dragon-i. It was decent, just that my noodle was way too spicy for me. I just realised that my tolerance for spicy food is really bad since Billy is allergic to chilli and we don't usually have it in our diet. But it was generally good. 

We were caught in the bad congestion on our way back (what's new!). The queue was packed for the customs but we managed to speed through it in 5 minutes. However, the way for the bus was gruelling and it took us a total of 1.5 hours to get out of it. Nevertheless, it was a good trip. 

Now, it's back to work tomorrow. It's the Mother Tongue PSLE paper and I'm invigilating. It's a pretty odd feeling judging the fact that 13 years ago, I took my PSLE. Nevertheless, it's a good experience being an invigilator. 

Do you like going to JB too? What are some of your favourite haunts? Do share them with me! (: 

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