Thursday, September 5, 2013

Time with Cynthia: Tuxedo Cake Design Tutorial

This is a way overdue post. But I guess since this cake design was rather lovely, I should share a tutorial on how to decorate it. For this cake design, I've used a 5" round cake that's rather tall. The 2 ingredients used for this design are the chocolate ganache (from the Chocolat Surprise recipe) and the white chocolate mousse (from the hazelnut layers recipe).

The decor for this cake is relatively simple so I'd rate it a difficulty level 2 out of 5. Time taken for this will depend on your speed in decorating. 


Frost the cake well with choice of frosting. I used white chocolate mousse. Check out this video for frosting a round cake! 

Trim a triangular sheet of food grade plastic. Place it onto the cake as shown. Prepare the chocolate ganache. Set aside 1 - 2 tbsp of chocolate ganache. Coat the cake with the chocolate ganache, avoiding the triangular area. Check out this video for frosting a round cake! 

Colour 2 bowls of white chocolate mousse accordingly. 

Pipe the rose using a rose petal tip.

Add the leaves using a leaf tip. Remove the plastic sheet gently. 

Using a star tip, pipe straight lines onto the triangular area. Using the chocolate ganache that has been set aside earlier, pipe a bow and some dots for the buttons. 

Your cake design is now completed! (: Have fun! (:

I'd love to see the bakes or stuff you've cooked using the blog's recipe! Do share photos of stuff you've baked or cooked using the blog's recipe with me either via FB message to OR OR via email at! I look forward to hearing from you! (: 


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