Tuesday, November 26, 2013

School's out!

School's out! Today marks the end of our work week... I'm truly glad that after 1.5 weeks of work week, it has finally come to an end. 

We got to know our deployment for next year. I'm gonna be the form teacher of a p3 class! (: truly excited! 

With the end of the work week, I headed for the ice cream place near the school for waffles and ice cream while waiting for the HTB to meet me and also for the sinseh to open. I fell down having lost balance from walking in my wedges on Saturday. My knee was bruised and my right shoulder was hurting having used my wrist to break my ball. It's been hurting ever since. A trip to the sinseh is like a nightmare from hell. He cracked my neck and shoulder, poked two needles into me and cracked my upper body even more. Even the medication he gave me was horrid. I'm just hoping that it gets better this weekend. 

Just yesterday, I worked on more of our wedding invites and also did some buntings for the wedding! 

I really love the prints and colours for our wedding! (: 

I'm gonna date my mum for lunch tomorrow and do more shopping (; 

On Thursday and Friday, we're gonna paint the HTB's house! Excited cos it'll be my first time painting a house! Wheeeeee!

Shall update soon! (: 

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