Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I love to shop a little too much!

This silly post was meant for Saturday night 23 Nov 2013! 

I confess. I love to shop. I really love to shop. And with the wedding prep and house coming along, I'm kinda glad I have legitimate reasons to shop! 

Yesterday morning, I reached home to be welcomed by 4 large packages from my taobao shopping. I had so much fun unpacking my packages! 

I got plenty of stuff! Pillows, soft toy, baking stuff and even a luggage! 

I also received the flowers I got for my bridesmaid and flower girl! I then "dolled up" the "stems" for the wedding (: 

Shopping can indeed be addictive. 

Anyway, to back track, after the release of PSLE Results on Friday, a few of us headed to J-pot for lunch before the BBQ night in school. 

I must say that the porridge based soup was rather interesting! 

I'm blessed with great friends at work (:

On Friday night, our loved ones were invited to join us at the BBQ party our principal and vice-principal threw for us. The HTB joined me at the party. It was pretty amusing how the HTB was kinda taking a walk down memory lane when he was in school. After all, he was a student in the school I'm teaching at! 

It amuses me even more how his ex form teacher is gonna share our joy for our big day with two roles: his ex form teacher and my colleague! 

Anyway, as the work week winds down a little with the "big bang" happening on Tuesday, I'm diving into the wedding prep. There's still seemingly a lot to do but with the luxury of time, I am indeed having a lot of fun. 

The only headache right now probably is to pack my place for shifting. I'm a pack rat. I have accumulated so much stuff over the years that I haven't really even had the space to store my belongings. I probably don't really even know what I have! Having to shift to the HTB's before our place is ready poses as yet another challenge. I do suppose that I have to be more hard hearted and toss out more stuff than I want to. I may sell some of the items that are still in great condition that I can't afford to keep. Some I may also give away or donate to the needy. 

With so much to do, I'm just really excited for December! (: 

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