Thursday, November 28, 2013

Clean up clean up, everybody everyone!

This entry is meant for 28 Nov (: 

This morning, I woke up really early to bake. One of the perks of being on vacation! I baked some Red Velvet Roses and also another cake. 

I really loved how classy this cake was, especially since it was filled with fresh mango mousse and mango cubes. A pity the one who wanted the cake found it too simple and didn't want it anymore. 

Such a waste of my time and effort. Which reminds me that I should take more caution in future when baking for others. After all, I'm not a worm in anyone's belly, knowing what they want exactly without them mentioning explicitly so is not my forte! But it's okay! It's still a good lesson learnt! And thankfully, this cake fed a few happy people like Sharron, Wendy, the girls and even Yvonne! (: it's always good to be a blessing to others! 

That aside, I really love these Red Velvet Roses!!! 

They're so pretty that I'm almost tempted enough to bake them as Christmas gifts this year! (: 

Anyway, today was cleanup day. I brought some of my personal belongings over to the HTB's place before we headed to settle the balloons for our big day! That's like 3 boxes of stuff! XD 

We then headed to One Party Store in Bedok Reservoir just opposite my mum's new place! It was amazing. I was like a kid let loose in a candy store! We managed to settle quite a number of lovely items for dolling up our dinner venue. I saw many pretty cupcake stands and baby shower balloons (I just love them!). Those paper dollies that are printed in polka dots are still on my mind. 

I'm just such a fan of balloons actually. In fact, I'm always grabbing balloons from road shows and making them smaller so that I can carry them around! So I'm really glad that we're gonna have balloons for our wedding dinner! After all, the venue is indeed a little "blah". 

We then cleaned the house and I'm so in love with the MIL's awesome super duper expensive but awesome like mad vacuum cleaner. Makes me almost tempted enough to want one for our new home. 

Speaking of which, I redeemed two new stock pots from WMF based on the NTUC promotion! 

Truly blessed to be blessed with many bonus coupons by the HTB's aunties and mummy! So here's one stock pot for our new home and another one for mummy. 

We've scrubbed the walls of the bedroom clean today and we're gonna paint the room tomorrow. I'm really excited for the events that are coming right up! (: 

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