Friday, December 6, 2013

Painting the house + butter overload

So it's been a rather busy week. I've been busy painting the HTB's house. We're done with our room but part of it still seems empty to me. I'm pretty itching to paint some design on some part of the room. 

We've got the walls for Joey's room painted with some rain clouds, raindrops and even a sun. It's pretty amazing a design he came up with. And with all that painting, I think I have another job I can do if I ever become jobless. XD 

We're still some "distance" away from completing the painting for the entire house. There's still part of the living hall and also the mil's bedroom to paint. Hopefully we'll get it done in time next week for the arrival of the beds next Saturday and for the movers to move my stuff in the following Monday! 

It just feels like I have a million things to do. 

On Thursday, I met mummy and Mavis for a good lunch at The Rice Table. I can hardly ever get sick of their food! We then went shopping and mummy finally bought her evening gown for the wedding! 

While shopping, I'm so thankful that we had many great laughs. It sure is fun being goofy with the family!

Having come home on Thursday night after purchasing the stuff for the baking class/fellowship this Sunday, I baked some Red Velvet cupcakes again! I'm so in love with the pretty snowflakes cupcake liners (: 

I was also pampered with durians! This is definitely one of the perks being at home.. After all, the HTB doesn't like durians. 

On Friday, I headed to ikea to do more shopping. 

I got us 200 hangers for our new home! It may seem a lot but hey, I have a lot of clothes you know (: 

And as I headed home again this morning, I passed by our first home. It sure is exciting watching it get completed. I can't wait for it to be ready so that we can move in and start our life together! (Not that we aren't now or after we wed)

I reached home to a whole bulk delivery of goodies. Am sure a little obsessed over baking. But hey, these are cheaper than retail prices you know?

Now... To think of something to bake. There's so much I wanna bake but nothing seems to tickle my fancy in particular... Hmmmm.... 


  1. Hi, just curious, was there a sale for the cream cheese and butter?

    1. hello, nope. I got them at a cheap price from my supplier.

  2. I can't wait to see your kitchen!

  3. hurhur! not so soon! house isn't ready yet!

  4. hi Cynthia

    where do you buy your butter supplies?

  5. Hi :) Can share your supplier details? TQ!


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