Friday, November 29, 2013

Painting our room!

Today, we had our bedroom painted. 

I started the morning with a trip to Ikea with the mil and bil to get mirrors (I broke the one in the living hall two weeks back!) , Joey's glass cabinet, a new coffee table, some bed storage boxes and some other knick knacks. 

We also enjoyed a good brunch of ikea food! I simply love their chicken wings. 

I love this idea of a "island" cum "bar" idea. A pity that our kitchen will be very small and I doubt this would fit. But I may consider trying to fit it in cos I love it so very much!! 

Anyway, we got home and started painting around 3ish in the afternoon. It's my very first attempt in painting a room and it sure is a lot of work! The mil, bil and I worked really hard to have the room painted. Three walls are blue and one wall's yellow (: we didn't have enough yellow paint so we'll be painting it soon next week. 

Till then, I'm really proud of our bedroom and I love it loads! (: 

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