Saturday, January 25, 2014

Billy & Cynthia: Wedding favours by Do Me A Favor

Having had our wedding at Qian Xi @ Civil Service Club (Farrer Park), we weren't provided with any wedding favors. Being so, we had to source for ours. 

I've always had a thing/dislike for wedding favors. They maybe really cute (pepper shakers, shot glasses keychains, coasters, chopsticks).. but truth be told, who really uses them? The only one favor I remember using is a heart shaped keychain that didn't bear any names etc. Otherwise, the rest are pretty much kept and forgotten.

So I was on a search for a wedding favor that wasn't any of these. Edible favors maybe eaten so it doesn't go to waste (: But chocolates from the list that restaurants/hotels usually have are so mediocre right? We were then blessed to have Do Me A Favor sponsor us some really lovely customised organic lollipops! 

We were spoilt with 3 different colours of packaging donned with the hubby and my name! (:

My first reaction when I saw the box that was delivered to me was "SO CUTE!!!" followed by a "it smells so good!" when I opened the box! It was so delicious smelling! (:

The colours made me very happy! (: 

Adorable aren't they? They were a huge hit at the wedding dinner being so delicious!

And they weren't just pretty outside.. they were so pretty inside too! (:

We were also blessed with 12 awesome dainty jars of delicious jam for our wedding helper's bag (: It was printed with an appreciation sticker with our wedding details! 

Other than the lovely organic lollipops that Do Me A Favor has, they have an amazing range of other pretty stuff that blew me away!

Is your baby celebrating his/her full month? Check out their lovely full month box!

Even Hershey's can be made so adorable...

Beautiful jars! They also have honey! (:

Like these! Fully customisable too!

And pretty bottles of candies!

And these milk cartons wedding favors are just too cute!

This is one of my favourite.. so cute isn't it? It totally resembles a slice of cake... and it's stuffed with goodies!

Even Chinese/Traditional wedding favors are available too!

These lunch box type favor box is too cute!

These are perfect for a graduation. 

And these are perfect for a farewell gift.

These little charming bottles totally resemble beer bottles!

And the tiny ones are so cute too!

Even mentos are so cute too! And I love polka dots too!

They even have fresh popcorn! In lovely customisable packaging!

And these are so sweet for 1st month celebrations!

And for Vday, they've just launched macaron lollies!


And being amazingly generous, they're offering a 15% discount for all my readers! 
Simply quote CYNTHIA15 when ordering! Valid till 10 July 2014!
I'm gonna get some of these lovely favors/gifts for my fellow teachers this year! (: 
So which of these lovelies have caught your fancy? (: 
Head over to Do Me A Favor now!

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