Monday, April 14, 2014

Meeting our IDs for the second time

We've waiting to collect our keys rather soon. Our new place in Tampines, Tampines Greenleaf is almost ready. We applied for it in May 2011 and now that our HLE has been approved, we're waiting for the collection of our keys.

1.5 to 2 years ago, I started ID hunting. There are many many companies in the market and the competition is stiff. There were a few IDs which we fancied but never came to a decision as we didn't know what we wanted nor when exactly our place would be ready. When the date of key collection drew closer, we realised that we had to make a decision. We narrowed down to 5 companies... 

1) Renozone as recommended by Van (We spoke to Colin)
2) Vegas (we had great recommendations & service from our previous contact but they didn't reply our email this time round.)
3) Box Plan as recommended by Yang (We spoke to Ogata but he was really really slow in his replies)
4) Twerkz as recommended by Zelig (We spoke to Thomas and he was really slow in his reply too)
5) Absolook which I've fancied since our previous search 

We were really sold by the plans Colin had for us though the price was a little steep. But we were really comfortable with him and the plans he had. We met up and discussed the plans we had and what he could do for us. We were to meet him upon his return from his trip to discuss more before finalising if we wanted to engage him.

However, that very weekend, we headed down to Absolook's new branch in Yishun to meet up with Richie. He has been very helpful through messages when we discussed things we wanted in our homes and the quote he would then do up for us. Lionel was our other ID assigned to our case. As you may already know, the kitchen is sooooooooooooo important to me. And it really didn't help that we got a 3 room unit which is like SOOO SMALL. So maximising whatever space we had in the kitchen was my top priority. Lionel and Richie listened to all my needs and wants for the kitchen and even drew up plans for us on the spot. I was quite amazed.

They then introduced us to the package they had for promotion since they had just opened that outlet. But of course, with what we wanted, we had to top up a fair bit more. That, we were prepared. The hubby and I were contemplating in signing up with them. We narrowed down our options and it was between them and Colin. Colin was more expensive and Absolook did provide us with some freebies that would ease our load as we didn't have to fork out money for them... 

When the hubby and I discussed, we did not feel uneasy. In fact, we felt peace in our hearts. We then decided on Absolook. We were delighted then to have walked out of Absolook, glad that we have firmed up one more detail to our home.

Lionel and Richie then submitted our requests and had our 3D drawn up. It was to take 2 weeks but due to the lack of drafters and the long queue for 3Ds, it took us 3.5 weeks for our first draft to be delivered. We have to admit, the 1st draft wasn't exactly what we asked for. However, the hubby and I didn't exactly know what we wanted then... Nevertheless, let me share our 1st draft with you!

Here's the feature wall for our living hall. They did incorporate the wooden feel we wanted with black but it wasn't the feel that we wanted. After loads of research, the hubby decided on a look like this.

He loves the idea of the black frame.. and glass. Having met Lionel and Richie yesterday, we managed to discuss the new direction for the look of the feature wall and I'm sure the hubby loves it more! 

And as I did my research, I fell in love with the exposed brick wall concept. However, it costs a TON to have it done ): So sadly, we may just got for the wallpaper. 

I asked for an orange kitchen but truth be told, I was SHOCKED at the brightness of this kitchen! Then again, I didn't exactly know what I wanted. Since we met our IDs yesterday, we have since toned down the colours and the drafters will work on the design again. 

I did think of infusing white into the decor, making it white black and orange but was advised against the idea as it'd be too much. White and orange was too bright for my liking and managing a white kitchen isn't really to my fancy. 

As we LOVE to read and have plenty of books and also toys (we collect too much stuff!), we decided on a full length full height bookshelf. This part of the house is really expensive (other than the kitchen)... the shelf alone is 4 - 5k! But we decided on getting carpentry work so that it lasts better and longer as compared to commercial shelves. Richie also suggested a fake 'shelf' on the other side of the room so that more space can be used for storage and display. 

Our bathroom has the class casement separator that I love. The design will be modified again to match the rest of the house.

Having met them yesterday, it excites us even more knowing that our 2nd draft will be out in 2 weeks' time. Till then, I will share the photos with you again! (: 


  1. halo cindy,,
    your home is so lovely ,may i know is this five room

  2. My ex-kitchen is exactly the same orange and black granite top. And I did it on a 5-room Jurong West flat.

  3. Hi Cynthia! Absolook is also one of my shortlisted IDs and I was assigned Richie and Wei Sheng.

    How was ur overall experience with Absolook? :)

    Would love to hear from u!! Can PM me at Thanksss!!

  4. hi cynthia may i knw who is ur ID and whats the cost of ur whole house reno?

    1. Hello, we had Lionel and Richie and we spent about 35k prior to furnishing our place.

  5. Hi Cynthia, any updates of the reno?

  6. Hello Ping, we're done with our reno and have moved in for almost a year (:


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