Monday, June 23, 2014

Day 11 in Hong Kong: our 'mini' wedding dinner in HK and New Town Plaza again!

On Day 11, we had our 'mini' Hong Kong wedding. As you may know, we got married in January this year. The hubby is from Hong Kong and has many family and friends there. Therefore, we had a dinner when we returned home to offer tea to our elders. 

We started the day off at Dragon Centre in Sham Shui Po. The mall even had an indoor roller coaster at the top level.. however, I think it's ceased operation as the response was rather poor. 

For brunch, we had Shanghai food. 
I love pan fried buns.

Dumpling seaweed soup. Seaweed soups is so my childhood food!

Xiao Long Bao.

Jellyfish with beef.

This egg dish was just so very good. I wanna replicate it! 

Pan fried dumplings.

Famous Shanghai noodles.

We then did some shopping where I got some falsies (only 10sgd for 10 pairs) and a skirt for my sister. My bil wasn't feeling too well so my mil took him home to rest while the hubby took me to Sha Tin to shop more. 

Sha Tin is somewhere near town and Ah Gong lives in Sha Tin. I love the New Town Plaza in Sha Tin. It's a huge mall with 3 sectors. There's even a mini Snoopy's World there.. and I heard that it's really old but still attractive! 

School bus!

Playground for the little ones.

They even have a free Canoe ride! 

Tiny but worth popping by if you love Snoopy! 

We then went supermarket shopping. I love the Japanese supermarket! We got these 2 Haagen-Dazs sandwiches and I am so in love with the berries one! 

I love the Japanese departmental store.. and I got myself 3 of these devices to make chocolate shells for filled pralines! I was so excited to have found them as I have never seen such a device since I started baking couple years back!

I then went shopping at The Commercial Press and got myself another cookbook and 3 more novels! I'm so in love with reading novels once again! 

We then made our way home to rest for a while more before dinner. 
Photo: I'm super blessed!!! Pa went shopping and got me this blow torch!! Say yay to torched desserts soon! (:
Pa returned from his shopping and he bought me a torch!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was truly surprised and excited... the hubby totally rolled his eyes and prayed that I wouldn't burn the house down. I'm so excited to use this gadget soon! Like real soon! 

For dinner, we met with Yipo and family for dinner. Love is truly dining with one's family. It's such simple pleasures that many fail to cherish.

I love my 'new' family! 

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