Thursday, June 19, 2014

Day 10 in Hong Kong: buffet dinner at Hyatt and loads more to eat

On Day 9, the hubby took me out to breakfast in the morning before we headed to the post office to check out the mailing rates.  I've decided to mail some of my loot back to Singapore via sea. We had breakfast at a nearby Char Chang Teng and I had my beef satay noodles while the hubby had bread, egg and ham. 

We then went back to rest and met the rest of the family for lunch. 

We had really sticky Hong Kong style porridge. So hot and good! 

We also had minced beef cheong fun. 

And the you tiao version which I love. 

Typical HK fried noodles. 

Gigantic dough fritters. 

We then went home to rest as we didn't have programmes for the day. 

I took the chance to count the books I then.. which of course, increased over the next few days! 

I was really happy to be lazing at home. After all, not having to work, think of my students, think of my lesson plans, make plenty of decisions or anything along that line is bliss. 

In the evening, we went to Tsim Tsa Tsui to meet my mil's friends for dinner. We spotted this adorable huge panda with armour and mini armoured pandas in K11 mall. 

Pretty desserts spotted in the mall! 

My mil took me to this baking school year taught fondant work. I was impressed. 

I was totally convinced that this was a pair of shoes. 

Their other works are adorable. Mil even suggested that I can attend their classes the next time round we visit! 

The hubby then merrily told me that he wanted a basketball cake for his birthday citing that since he had Neko bus last year, a basketball would be a good challenge. This man. 

We then gathered at Hyatt for their buffet. The dessert spread was amazing. Okay, the food was pretty good too but I was taken away by the dessert spread. 

Loads of seafood. 

Loads of sushi, sashimi, cooked food to choose from. 

But the desserts were the best part.

This chocolate mini cake was really good and I shall try to replicate it! 

The desserts were really the best part of the meal. I probably filled half my tummy with the desserts. The hubby was also made a very happy man. 

We then took a merry family shot (: 
Happy food makes us very happy people! 

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