Monday, June 23, 2014

Day 12 in Hong Kong: more bakeware shopping and book shopping

On Day 12, we had yet another day out. We did a fair bit of shopping!

We started the day off by visiting the supermarket to source for more stuff we could possibly buy. I love their Hello Kitty cup noodles! Got 2 of them for myself!

They also have large cups of 出前一丁! I didn't get these though as they were too large..

I found canned Campbell pasta sauce! These probably beat using their soup for pasta sauces. 


I found this really adorable Hello Kitty sandwich make too! The exterior is prettier than what we have in Singapore! A pity it was close to 50 dollars.. else I would have gotten it! 

We had lunch at Green River Restaurant. The food was pretty good and we did end up visiting the Green Restaurant near us for many subsequent meals. 

Fried rice.

Satay beef macaroni (I LOVE SATAY BEEF!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Iced red bean drink with a soft serve ice cream!

Braised pork and salted veg rice

Fried Beef Kway Teow.

We took a bus to Whampoa Gardens to visit the arcade again! 

The hubby, my bil and I played a few more games and ended up with close to 3k tickets.
We exchanged them for some files, gundams and drinks.

I then got another book from the Popular in Whampoa Garden! I love using my Popular Card there for 10% extra discount! 

We then headed down to Mongkok (again!) for more shopping. This time round, we were looking for light switches.. We had tea at Yee Shun Milk Company. 

Egg custard!

Milk custard!

Here's what they offer!

I then made another trip to Twinsco! (: 

I left Twinsco a happier person with more buys! 

The hubby and I then split up from the family to go shopping for light switches.. There was a shop in Shanghai Street that offered many light switches.

We wanted to get these... but ended up not getting them as it'd cost us 400+ sgd to change all the switches in our unit.. and it was money we could save up and spend else where.. 

But they really did have very nice switches! 

I love these the most! The round switches were lovely! 

We then made our way to popo's for dinner. I realised that in Hong Kong, the traffic lights allow for people to cross across the junctions! So efficient! I wish we had this in Singapore! 

After dinner at popo's, we headed home and did some packing. I was hungry at around mid night so yipo took the 3 of us (Danny, the hubby and I) out for supper! I love how the Char Chan Tings open till late and even offer delivery! We had piping hot food! 

Interestingly, this is how their dried Wonton noodles is like! It uses Oyster Sauce instead of the mixture we have here in Singapore.

I love Hong Kong and I love the food in Hong Kong! The hubby is ALMOST tempted enough to wanna return to Hong Kong... but it's definitely a no for me cos' I still can't speak Cantonese! 

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