Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Reno Day 1: Haulage and air con trunking

On the 23rd of June, we started Day 1 of our renovation. It was a nice sunny day! Love the view we have from our bedroom and living hall! 

Lionel and Richie came to make their measurements.

Lionel was really hard at work! 

That's Richie beside him!

Our floor plan and lighting plan! Lionel drew all over our walls!

Luke from Closet Design came to take our measurements for the wardrobe. We're going for the US Concept wardrobe. The wall intended for the wardrobe is too short at 4.5ft. It can be made in 5ft with the electrical points adjusted but would be silly. We then opted for a mini 'walk-in' wardrobe.. and it'll be 6.3ft! 

The inside would look something like this! 

The men from City Gas also came to run the piping... 

Peter then came to do the air-conditioning assessment for us. We'd be using Daikin Inverter System 3: 9k btu for each bedroom, 12k btu for living and dining hall with a 30k compressor. He intended to assess and do the trunking on days 2 or 3 but decided that we could get it done on Day 1! So his men came over in the afternoon to get the trunking done. 

There was so much drilling going on and it was MAD DUSTY. 

We spent the afternoon watching over the works and also had a good chat with 3 new neighbours! It sure is fun getting to know more neighbours from the same block! 

I love the view of the sunset from our main gate!

By 6pm or so, the trunking was completed. It took about 3 hours and the haulage guys then took over. 

Trunking for our living hall. It will be on the beam and will be hidden by a box-up setting.

This is in the study (2nd bedroom). Most of it would be hidden by our huge bookshelf.

The trunking above the door in the study.

We were really stuck when it came to our MBR. We simply did not have enough space to fit what we needed ): After a lot of consideration, some sacrifices had to be made. We'd not be able to fit bedside tables.. maybe just one small one. But it's okay, it's still gonna be good! We'd be fitting our air conditioning on this wall.

This is the trunking above the MBR door.

Inside the MBR toilet.

The water pipe for air conditioning in the toilet.

And it'll run to the back of the toilet bowl (which is absent for now). 

The haulage guys then delivered the stuff...

Cement and sand along with cardboard.


Tiles for our kitchen base.

Here's how our air conditioning ledge looks like.

I just LOVE the view!

Our toilet bowls and basin got delivered... the old ones were hacked and removed but as Otto sent the wrong toilet bowl for our MBR, they plumber could not fit it in time. Love our new toilet bowls! 

Where our MBR Vanity Counter would be.

This is all just getting really exciting! (: 


  1. Hi Cynthia, I've been following your posts on your new home and I was just wondering (I haven't reached that stage yet but am just looking forward) - would you have opted for your own contractor to put in the fittings and tiles and doors and whatnot, given hindsight, and do you think the amount we pay HDB (around $3k) is reasonable and we would be hardpressed to find such a reasonable price with a private contractor? Look forward to hearing from you!

    1. Hello!

      If I were to be given the choice, I would have topped up a little more to get a private contractor to do my doors and flooring instead of getting good the substandard and not to say lousy works from HDB. Yes I agree that it's costlier but at least you will have more options in terms of colours/type of flooring and you'd not have uneven flooring like we did that did not get completely rectified and evened for good. (:


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