Monday, June 16, 2014

Day 9 in Hong Kong: of baking classes

We started the day early with breakfast at a nearby Char Chan Teng before we headed off for a baking class the MIL found for me on Groupon. We passed by this stall. Seriously I do wish we have abundance o8f such meat stalls in Singapore! 

I love Char Chan Teng food for the variety is aplenty. The portions are huge too! This Ee-fu mee was good. 

The preserved radish egg was so fragrant. The pieces were much larger than what we have back home though! 

Generous portion of beef steak that was sizzling hot accompanied with plain rice or spaghetti!  

We then took a 小巴 to the class. These buses fit only 16 people, is small and comfortable too. A little like school buses I used to take in primary school. 

There are two types of such buses. One with the red roof and the other with the green roof. Both have a fixed route. The Green one has designated stops for alighting whereas the red one allows one to alight anywhere along the route! You'd just have to tell you driver where you wanna alight. Pretty cool aye?

We then got to this area for the class. It was a short walk away from the train station. 

It was in the industrial area and I was first blown away by the macarons they had on display. 

Impressive isn't it?  

The place was nice and clean with proper equipment. When we got there, they were wrapping up a class for decorated Swiss rolls.

The hubby was my translator as the class was conducted in Cantonese. The bil, uncle and mil also came along to have some fun! 

I had my first try on playing with marzipan and I liked it! Much better than fondant I would say. 

My rose!

Ma's rose!

It sure takes some skills to me the petals life like. Thankful for the instructor's tips. However, I felt kinda shortchanged at the same time. He did some parts of the cake prep for us and didn't go through it in details. Seriously, someone who doesn't know how to bake such cakes won't know how to follow the recipe right. 

Nevertheless, it was fun. 
I love my cake!

Ma and Joey has very pretty cakes too!

I love the pretty decor on this cake. Shall share my version of this in time to come!  

We then tried to find our way back with another 小巴 and I was amazed at the hills in Hong Kong. You'd often feel like you're really high up on a point but you look up and find some buildings even higher than where you are. 

Anyway, the hubby and I had a date as we went home to place the cakes in the fridge while ma and joey went to meet my fil.

We returned to Whampoa Garden to have our dinner. It was crowded as it was Father's day but we were seated real soon as it was just the two of us. 

The service was surprisingly good and fast. 

We had garlic bread, 

Chicken baked rice,

And pizza!

I love stuffed crust and the cheese was really really good. 

We then went to the arcade. I love this arcade!  

So many rides. If only I was a kid. 

We spent our time on this coin game...

And won plenty of tickets as we hit the jackpot! 

What a lovely place! Can't wait to redeem something nice when we accumulate more tickets. 

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